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Zong Ning: so, open the double eleven BES Express IP adorable age – eleven is the science and technology Sohu double sellers marketing Festival, everyone in this angel Jin exhaust all the skills to sell their products. But generally speaking, we can only see the business enterprise in a variety of dazzling marketing, but this year eleven, but there is an express company as the electricity supplier company, also began to engage in marketing, is very eye-catching, but this is out of the ordinary express, BES express. IP adorable pet, the deer turned out to express in fact now is a pleasure in the life of young people, there is a piece that in foreign Chinese say the same word can comfort women, foreign you need cry is dear. China is your express." BES in eleven during the double, just released a group express cartoon protagonist is an adorable turn the deer. Put forward a lot of interesting express slogans, such as the first set a small target, such as a day to receive express, one is to imitate the first one hundred million of Wang Jianlin’s tone. But this small target is easy to achieve more than one hundred million, which made people laugh, and then continue to double eleven hand chop. This verse and express little brother to see every day, every day is like see you express "love" has a hot temper, yiyanbuge began to". Not only interesting, but also for the scene to do a personification of the description, people feel very appropriate. This IP image is a deer, called "pass", the son also handed and dear euphony to look out of planning consuming effort. Personification of the IP is often easier to remember than the slogan, in the dull courier industry, to create a young and happy image, reducing the sense of distance between the user and. Emotional marketing, let love this parcel express bes double eleven slogan is "let happiness happen early", and on time express company to pass the "mission to be" ideas are quite different. A path took a relaxed and cheerful as the road from the blunt tug of war emotional marketing business transformation, will obviously be more impressed with women’s heart. From the three angles of family, love, friendship, the creative poster conveys the emotional experience of the brand to consumers. The package is no longer a cold thing, but a joy and joy. The mobile Internet era, the biggest difference is the user consciousness, no longer submissive, but choose their own trusted service. The emotion gradually overcome price, become the main reason for users to choose, so the double eleven main bes emotion, still worth learning. Comprehensive promotion, three-dimensional marketing activities or the best momentum is very vast, not only in the north of Guangzhou Metro do delivery, also made landing activities. You can see the BES Express happy poster in the subway, when the children pass figure, and he can also hold up, the scene is just adorable, express the image is no longer uniform uncle, but a more lovely image. Children pass directly into a BES Express spokesperson, everywhere to promote their own business. Not only that, but also released a series of his own comic!相关的主题文章: