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Zhengzhou ecological park is garbage filled satellite monitoring is a ravine in Zhengzhou – a new network dummy ecological park Valley is filled garbage muck car satellite monitoring useless CNR net Zhengzhou on November 11th news (reporter Ren Mengyan He Weitong) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that the recent media reports, in Zhengzhou city in Henan Mangshan ecological park mu, valley has been illegal landfill in forest, buried, causing great damage to the local ecological. The local villagers said that such illegal landfill at least six months time. Zhengzhou City Urban Management Bureau two years ago has just invested heavily in the 3200 Zhengzhou muck car installed satellite monitoring, why still failed to stop the illegal landfill? For areas that have been damaged, and how to do? From Mangshan ecological park in Zhengzhou city center 20 kilometers, is a green ecological barrier in the northwest of Zhengzhou city. According to the villagers, from six months ago, there are a large number of muck cars loaded with building rubbish into the park ravine crazy dumping, a deep Mu area, tens of meters deep, just half a month can be filled in the planted trees were buried, "drowned". Villagers Mr. Zhang reflected: "this is me around the village, I know, there is garbage, ah, the road made no decent, leading to our village road, garbage all the roads are full of construction waste and soil are, what kind of muddy road, the rain can not get. (time) six months, a year or so. Anyway, now are filled in the ditch." It is not only the ecological garden, large trucks through the villages, from the garbage, waste soil, also brings great influence to the local villagers, "in the evening, stayed one night, a car, a car, in particular. On the road, (the car fell off the mud) a few centimeters thick, I cleaned him up, all on the road." The villagers said, but also reflected, no calls to the environmental protection unit, the situation continued for several months. Illegal landfill, located in Zhengzhou City, Huiji District guxing town area, but the town government staff repeatedly stressed to reporters, they are not functional departments, do not understand the situation. Reporters then call the local forestry bureau calls for the local villagers has continued for nearly half of the illegal landfill, the staff said, this is the first time I heard them, take relevant measures will be in the future, "the next step is to strengthen the propaganda, another is to strengthen inspections, inspections now for 24 hours intermittent, in this case report, combined with the relevant law enforcement departments." Although the FDA Staff said to be combined with the relevant law enforcement departments, intensify efforts to investigate, but admits he does not yet know which belongs to the waste management law enforcement, and stressed that not found, because the muck car is at midnight dumping, "has been destroyed, intensify efforts to investigate, if damage to trees we will promptly notify, forest police, forest police joint investigation." After inquiry, the reporter found that Zhengzhou City muck car management, which belongs to Zhengzhou City Management Bureau of solid waste management department to take charge of. According to local media reported on 2014,!相关的主题文章: