[Zhejiang] financial media tour of Qingtian stone, both resolute and soft art – tourism Sohu truffe

[Zhejiang] financial media tour of Qingtian stone, both resolute and soft art – Sohu tourist visiting the museum is my favourite things. Always believe that this is one of the most direct access to authoritative knowledge, and image. Another factor that is desirable is the "monopoly"". A small museum, read more and have relatively uneven in quality and complicated network, the museum more reliable accuracy of some real words. "Different shopping", the time is around, if it is compact, quick steps. Not belonging to the Qingtian stone Museum, only compact view, but the homework done fully appreciate it, do not feel sweaty. The museum is divided into two parts: stone and carving. "Qingtian stone" is one of the four famous stone China, rich natural color, but overall is still unclear, it is light, all of these have faded in Italy, and "Changhua" Ding Yan, "Bahrain peaks", "magnificent Shoushan stone after Fung and" significant difference. For example, the yellow with red lights "frozen," Huang was not frivolous, the atmosphere for the "red" to pave the way; red? It is not vulgar or Ling natural color, but the appropriate strength to walk, to a proper extent rendering, fine look, as if the mutual appreciation of the two people finally see to each other at the same time, also showed their modesty. I love most is "stone door," low yield Wenrunruyu, which need that the "closed doors three," abnormal color is bright, but no clear boundaries. There is a piece of production in the Qing Dynasty stone door, the right chunk is "Qingtian black," this is the most common color Qingtian stone, on the left is similar to the "light freeze" yellow, but a little more grain silk glaze meaning. China’s large comprehensive museum have been, the museum also has more involved in the project, the former is more popular, the latter is more in-depth, and the Zhejiang online Hu reporter exchanges, I said. Special aspects of depth, Qingtian stone museum to do a better job. Good stone art is like nature itself, the creation of exquisite stone carvings is icing on the cake. Hard rock as everyone knows, if the description with anthropomorphic strokes, is resolute, resolute facing pressure and distortion and slander. This is a symbol of the spirit, but also not met if horses, would be beneath the human character, such as the horse neighing, the delight of the. Excellent material such as natural Qingtian stone carving masters, is the object of affection. Chisel, knife hammer is their "brush". Close contact brush and stone may in the concrete is fierce, but thinking and inspiration is soft, soft flowing, flowing fine, only those stunning stone carving works in the museum. Landscape, flowers, horses and cattle, Lying Buddha, vase…… Numerous other creative themes, vivid, colorful, very impressive. You see the "tiger Wu Song," Wu Song left hand and hold the tiger, then lift clothes, filling the noble gas, and even fear of the tiger mouth were shown, and combining it first-rate. Appreciate most is "perfect conjugal bliss." A tree like, has seen the author deep skill, above? A jade plate Yao in the sky, pure to the extreme, 8相关的主题文章: