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Zhejiang chamber of commerce business college recruitment number 1000 thousand posts job seekers zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in October 14 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Shi Jiaxiu Intern Yang Yunyi) "in the overseas Chinese enterprises meet in 2016 overseas Chinese enterprises in Zhejiang province labor recruitment will be held in Zhejiang Hangzhou on the 14 day, the province around more than and 100 overseas Chinese enterprises entering the recruitment. Provide nearly 1300 jobs, attracted more than 3000 graduates in more than and 10 universities and job seekers to come to consult and apply. Zhejiang is the focus of overseas enterprises are flourishing, the chamber of commerce. In recent years, after the transformation and upgrading of the chamber of commerce enterprises need a lot of talent support, many overseas enterprises face the dilemma of lack of talent. According to reports, the special chamber of commerce business recruitment is the fourth main candidates for multi direction, industrial design, software development, electronic commerce, marketing planning, bio pharmaceutical, financial consultant positions. Reporters at the scene saw the recruitment, because participants in a continuous line, long queues in front of many recruitment booths. Many recruitment companies, said, serious, responsible, willing to learn, willing to endure hardship, and have good communication skills, ability to work under pressure and team cooperation consciousness, etc.. Reporters learned that a number of well-known enterprises such as Zhejiang, Zhejiang Yinrun Leisure Tourism Development Co., Hang Zhouhua, Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd, refrigerator Beida pharmaceutical letter Hangzhou telepresence Technology Co. Ltd. and Ningbo Jiang Feng electronic materials Limited by Share Ltd, Ningbo Amperex Technology Limited, Zhejiang Jin Lang Yu Technology Co. Ltd., a number of university graduates preferred. According to statistics, the recruitment will have more than and 400 positions reached a preliminary intention of employment, not only provides a good employment platform for the majority of university graduates, but also for the chamber of commerce business transformation and development has laid a solid foundation of the talents. (end)相关的主题文章: