Zhao Weixing, former vice governor to be appointed to the governor of the Bank of commercial bank-mcncc

Zhao Weixing, former vice governor of commercial bank to be appointed governor of the Bank of hope Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively by the new hope group and millet technology jointly initiated the establishment of Sichuan hope bank, hired vice president Zhao Weixing served as president of the network bank. According to informed sources, the resignation of Zhao Weixing has been awarded the Ma agreed, at present in the ant gold suit the handover of the work has been completed, to hope that the bank preparatory group began to work. Public information, Zhao Weixing is a master of investment economics and management Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, before he became Vice President of commercial bank, Huaxia Bank has in the company’s business, retail business, operations and technology in basic management, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank served as the head of retail business headquarters senior manager, deputy general manager, Minsheng Bank Retail Banking Department of Hangzhou bank retail the headquarters of the general manager, the ant group micro loan payment service director. In March 19, 2015, was elected to the commercial bank director, was appointed as vice president of network bank, for a term from June 2015 to June 2018. June 13th, Sichuan hopes the bank approved the establishment of the proposed registered capital of 3 billion yuan, the new hope group, millet technology, red chain holdings of 30%, respectively, 29.5%, 15%. In the positioning and development strategy, Sichuan wants banks to inclusive remedium "market positioning, with" mobile Internet "for a specific strategy, using promoters in the private financial industry experience, Internet technology and industrial chain advantage to promote inclusive financial services. Sichuan wants banks to provide differentiated and intelligent positioning of financial products to focus on young people and the activity of Small and micro businesses, such as the management of loans and other support, aspiring to become the Midwest’s first mobile Internet bank. Liu Yonghao and Lei Jun in Sichuan to build hope Bank held communication will be said that Sichuan hopes to build an internet bank to bank characteristics, from the outset, not too many outlets and personnel, save costs; at the same time, as far as possible to go asset light path, reduce the cost of single customer use of the Internet technology, for white-collar workers and farmers City, Small and micro businesses and innovation enterprise services. And this, served as governor of the Bank of Sichuan that is from the Internet Bank of commercial bank. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter combing Zhao Weixing had a public statement, you can glimpse his understanding of Internet banking. Zhao Weixing said that Internet banking hidden in the production and life of enterprises and people, as a support. That so many people have their own financial needs, can make their own financial and financial supply, its people, the Internet Banking for enterprises and individuals to provide a financial platform, so that they can really have financial attributes. The difference between the future network bank and other bank’s largest, is the credit mechanism and improve the efficiency of. The network bank is to solve the problem in the scene, when the user what production needs, do not need to remember the brand, can also provide financial products in the back, let the transaction fast. Zhao Weixing in the 2015 China microfinance forum, said the rural theory相关的主题文章: