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Zhang Yixing’s first album "Lose Control" at 24 tonight and synchronized on-line Sohu singer Zhang Yixing Zhang Yixing ran out of the Sohu entertainment entertainment Zhang Yixing debut album "Lose Control" will be in Beijing time on 28 zeros in both China and South Korea major music platform synchronized open, the title track "Lose Control" will also be released with the full version of MV. This album contains a total of 6 songs Chinese songs by Zhang Yixing lyricist, composer, arranger and personally produced. The first solo debut album producer and featuring his music works, will send you a variety of styles, so fans are looking forward to. 26, according to South Korean suppliers revealed that the amount of pre this album has exceeded 200 thousand, a short trend. In today’s Conference on the new album, physical album "Zhenrong" will advance exposure. "Lose Control" album contains a total of 6 original songs by Zhang Yixing. The title song "Lose Control" pop R& B music, sweet guitar as the main orchestrator, Zhang Yixing’s gentle voice fusion charm melody, the song reflects the deep-seated; song "TONIGHT" included by electronic piano drums and HipHop rhythm for a basic, concise style; "RELAX" is the mysterious SLOW POP style, full of illusion and arranger fashion sense; "MYM" last year on Zhang Yixing’s birthday surprise will open and cause a strong sensation, this will include original and more lyrical version of Acoustic. "What U need" is a funky groove pop style dance movement, has been advanced as the first song released on October 7th, and created a dazzling achievements in both at home and abroad on the list. In addition to show their own musical talent, Zhang Yixing in this album in the production of various aspects of personal checks. In addition to the album included Chinese lyrics, he also specially arranged to add English, Han Wen and Japanese lyrics translation, for the convenience of fans all over the world can be a better understanding of his music and ideas, it is all very intimate. It is reported that this afternoon’s solo debut album release, the album will be the first public entity style, the full version of the source and the title song "Lose Control" MV will be in Beijing tonight 24 points in both China and South Korea major music websites synchronized on-line. The fans have expressed excitement about the Control has long been unable, Lose!相关的主题文章: