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Zhang Yimou’s wife reported to marry Ma Rong "director: posing as my relatives speculation – Sohu entertainment director Chen Jian     Zhang Yimou’s wife reported Sohu entertainment news earlier, micro-blog called" director Chen Jian "blogger posing online Zhang Yimou wife Chen Ting brother and brother-in-law Zhang Yimou, suspected of self hype. Recently, Chen Tingshai known as director Chen Jian -Hero micro-blog account, called on her friends to help support her report together. Chen Jian Zhang Yimou was in the "black door" to the identity of Chen Ting vocal sound brother     Chen Ting is accosted by micro-blog, the name "director Chen Jian Zhang Yimou in the" user "bounce back door" event, claiming to be Zhang Yimou’s brother, Zhang Yimou and speaker sound out. Early in March this year, Chen Ting through micro-blog angrily, "who have no blood relationship with my family is rather baffling!" Yesterday, Chen Ting had issued a complaint: Why are so many crooks? We pay attention to him, scolded him and even the media are reproduced reported him, just to meet the vanity of paranoia paranoia and seeking attention. Only by charlatans without drama can sing out".   Chen Jian recently said to marry Ma Rongbo out of the director on the Internet by innuendo over and over had to hire a large number of Baoqiang Wang to curry favour by claptrap "let public opinion support him, but Chen Jian is determined to save Ma Rong sister, and even let it be" not to marry her "save" Ma Rongwo decided, I will tear Baoqiang Wang in the end". Today, Chen Ting drying out the blogger account in micro-blog, and called for its users to report "please support!相关的主题文章: