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Zero faction music enjoy experience: music as a super car test field? Sohu automotive original link: micro signal: GeekCar referred to as music, we always think of a similar "conference", "eco" such adjectives. Indeed, as a topic of the halo of the enterprise, and the music as the relevant products, it seems that in their respective areas are relatively high profile. In such a big environment, the music as a time-sharing rental Project Zero pie music to enjoy some special. Particularly, after from May of this year’s conference, they had not appeared in my imagination and frequent exposure volume. Recently, I accidentally opened the dusty corners of the zero in the mobile phone to send music to enjoy App, only to find the underground parking lot of our office building on their site, so there is this experience. However, the experience of the product level, but because I do not open the bottom of the Department of off-site car also features, not suitable for such a single way to work off the scene. Therefore, in the end, I chose the two support network also completed the ban (Xia) test. In the actual experience level, zero pie and enjoy the rest of the timeshare rental project experience is not much difference, but also through the App scheduled vehicles, and then use the built-in navigation to find a car, unlock the phone to use. From the use of App, both in the interface style, car flow is a continuation of the original logic design of product release, but the use of fluency, vehicle displays details than before there is some improvement. The old version of the App version of App is worthy of special mention, because many outlets located in the parking lot, the location is not intuitive, enjoy the use of zero send photos with the direction in the way to complete the process to find a car last hundreds of meters, the design is more intimate. In the billing rules, they still use the principle of time long billing. I rent this car imperial EV (5:00~23:00) during the day the price is 30 yuan per hour, night 25 yuan per hour (23:00~5:00). Because there are still ecological activities, so the final price is basically about 50 percent off. And according to the number of kilometers and the length of the common billing approach, this approach is more suitable for short, short-term use. But in Beijing so easy to traffic jams in the city, the peak hours of use will be greatly affected by the price. After the user orders will start billing, but also when the car stopped billing. The use of specific processes and the current time the lease does not have what difference, through the mobile phone to complete the car door lock key operation, no start let me save for the key process of imperial EV. Because the experience is the peak of the day and the rain, the whole circle of friends on the day of traffic crazy tucao. This also led me to spend nearly 100 yuan in rent, a large part of the time used in the traffic jam. This experience is not good, very distressed. But if you use it when the traffic is relatively smooth, then one hour is enough for you in Beijing’s R相关的主题文章: