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Yunnan vice mayor of Kunming Li Xi superstition master by the good or ill luck of corruption – millions of Beijing saw a wounded magpie, thought I feel unlucky, called "master" by the good or ill luck; take the family drove to the field of divination…… Yunnan city in Kunming Province, the former Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Li Xi, because heavy-hearted, and hung up superstition master pointing "," failing to ask for god". It makes anxiety, it is the fact that the violation of discipline. Served in the Guandu District of Kunming City, close the town mayor, deputy secretary of the municipal peace mayor, party secretary and deputy mayor of Kunming, Li Xili used his position, to seek benefits for others, directly or through relatives accept bribes totaling more than 1827 yuan, $132 thousand yuan, Euro 30 thousand yuan and 330 thousand yuan worth of diamond, 276 thousand and 600 yuan worth of gold. Due to serious violation of law, Li Xi was expelled from the party, dismissed from public office, was convicted of taking bribes and sentenced to 13 years. Inside the bars, think of the weak wife, suffering from a condition, the son of Li Xi felt miserable, he lamented the confession: "if I did not go astray…… The whole family will be happy together……" "But not" if "the cruel reality of everyday reality show in my eyes," "how many times tears from his eyes rolled down, like from heaven fell into hell." Li Xi wrote in his confession. In the scene of debauchery "build" wealth tower ", was" happy "before the half life of" sorrow "and" if there is no good policy of reform and opening, no feeding and training at all levels of the organization, today I still fishing village of Dianchi." Li Xi, a third generation by fishing farming a peasant boy, because college, secondary school enrollment jumped out of the "farm gate" fishing village, set foot on the road of life. He used to be hard work, ability to the director general, will work, able to succeed, has been shown in long-term experience in grass-roots work. In the organization of culture, Li Xi gradually took the leadership positions to become the party and government leaders in Anning City, Yunnan, and then reused as Kunming Municipal Committee, deputy mayor. Li Xi said, according to their wages and bonuses, is enough for a family of three expenses. Happy family reunion day is worth treasuring, but Li Xi’s mentality is quietly changing. With promotion, he relaxed learning, do not pay attention to the cultivation of party spirit and temper, let ideological consciousness change. Many bosses come into contact with Li Xiping when a extravagant life. "Sitting in luxury cars, wear designer, a restaurant, a lot of money, lead a gay life……" It was the impression of Li Xi. This has a great impact on Li Xi, so he sprouted a good day to the idea. Then, his pursuit of material life began to twist, one should live in a mansion, on the car, wearing designer clothing, drinking expensive wine, on the other hand that left the leadership post without making money opportunity, corruption in his heart quietly opened the door and…… Li Xi wrote in repentance, served in the Anning City party and government leaders, the party in power, he felt "summon wind and call for rain, equal to anything."". Just as he was "smug and forget", around)相关的主题文章: