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YSL why cosmetics in Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper? This article from the TopBrands Sohu – a gilded signboard (WeChat Tbrands), authorized reprint. For a time, no matter you usually do not make-up, do not see the beauty makeup bloggers on more, as long as you play with friends, playing micro-blog, a little social network topic stems, then you are likely to be YSL’s influence to the bombing of the stars lipstick. Influence of Max’s YSL star lipstick. Here the "YSL stars lipstick", refers to the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, Chinese "Laurent") in this year’s Christmas Limited Edition products. Compared to the ordinary YSL square tube of lipstick, "YSL star" used the gold powder sequins shining on the outer packing, choose its original square lipstick in the popular color, even the paste are carved on the pattern of stars. It starts from the beginning of August this year on sale in some overseas markets, in the mainland for a round of network marketing, officially on sale in November before dawn began to become a screen pa". In this round of marketing, there is beauty makeup bloggers on micro-blog for sending their star limited edition, more public numbers released "boyfriend YSL stars, what is his reaction like articles, suspected lovers about her boyfriend Star Limited Edition Gift science, hinted to her boyfriend out of the content display in the circle of friends, is a forward wave. Baidu index recorded people’s focus on the YSL industry. From September 27th to October 26th 1 months, the search index year-on-year YSL rose 786%, which in October 18th the search index reached the peak for the year 192836 — perhaps this is it is so far the highest value, usually the number it is less than 20000. The YSL lipstick search index in 30 days rose by more than 1000%. Sina micro-blog, this wave of marketing is not less than 10 of the production of more than 10 million related topics. As early as the stars before the limited edition, YSL has become a hot topic on several occasions. "The drama from the stars you" hit "qianson Yi to together", claiming that the boys captured the hearts of countless "cut male beauty", has been described in purchasing the stock of the "Mermaid" color, are the results of marketing YSL. When you buy a suit, "thousands of Song Yi to together"? In the "gold brand" at the beginning of October announced the "2016 survey of a gilded signboard", YSL ranked first in "you most love the make-up brand reputation", such as Dior, Chanel, more than Bobbi Brown cosmetics industry "an old traveller". But note that, as of 2013 to return to Chinese market and opened the first flagship store in Shanghai beauty brand YSL, currently in the country, but also in 20 provinces and a total of 38 counters, that is to say, to buy the regular channels of YSL only counter. One is not particularly easy to buy (knock on the blackboard, what we are saying here is genuine), also Ling相关的主题文章: