Young girl was raped by the village director after drinking toxic pesticides survived-segotep

The girl was raped by the village director to drink toxic pesticides to the injured girl miraculously survived the sea reporter sent twenty thousand yuan sea chest in July 16th, Fujian Ningde City, Shouning County bamboo Long Xiang 17 year old girl Mary (a pseudonym), picking up the mountain by the Xiang Hou Yang village director Zhang Qiang raped, after Zhang Mouqiang insults his wife. Torture Mary drank a bottle of paraquat (toxic pesticides), once in the brink of death. The matter by the sea after the report, caused widespread concern, all love money reached 200 thousand yuan (including the red cross sea chest). With the help of the crowd, Mary get through the gates of hell, staged a miracle of life". Recently, the normal recovery indicators have been discharged, Mary, to temporarily retreat. In order to let Mary faster and better, one family decided to move to another city life. In August 30th, the reporter, with flowers to visit Mary, and will be twenty thousand yuan, the Sea red cross chest "personally sent to the hands of Mary, wish her a speedy recovery, return to normal life. The stomach pain will become be scanty of words August 30th at noon, the reporter went to the residence to visit mary. Just after lunch, Mary curled up in bed gasping, Mary’s mother Ms. Qiu told reporters that Mary’s stomach is still angina. Although the indicators have no abnormalities, but the pain will continue to occur, every time they eat all the food will spit out. "But it’s been a while." Ms. Qiu sighed. Ms. Qiu told reporters the sea, after more than a week to Mary, are not willing to talk much, also do not want to go out, often sleep at night, "can’t sleep, uncomfortable". Ms. Qiu said, at the time of discharge, the doctor called for special attention to psychological barriers ease mary. "Wait for her to be more stable, to find a psychiatrist to dredge." All the problems before the death line to save the family several times that Mary said, "no", several times because of money and despair, "everyone is a miracle for my daughter". Mary in Ningde Fujian hospital total treated 33 days, including 9 days in ICU ward. Ms. Qiu said that Mary’s kidney and liver problems, even the words are very difficult. A few days later, the doctor told them that Mary’s pulmonary fibrosis, so she didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, after treatment, in addition to stomach erosion, the indicators of Mary’s miracle like gradually return to normal, especially normal liver and kidney function, pulmonary fibrosis no progress. It is understood that the "paraquat" have great toxicity to human and animals, no specific antidote, mortality rate was more than 90%. It is absorbed by the digestive tract, respiratory tract, toxicity will affect the body of multiple organs, resulting in multiple organ dysfunction, kidney, lung as the main organ damage, rescue survival rate is very low. According to "hospital records", diagnosis Mary contains 15 items, with paraquat poisoning, acute kidney injury, hepatic insufficiency, double lower lobe pneumonia, right hepatic calcification and erosive gastritis. Ms. Qiu said that during her daughter in hospital, they were in trouble because of medical expenses, and even begging on the streets. In the sea newspaper reported that Mary got the social from all walks of life to help 7相关的主题文章: