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Yogurt not expired but long black fungus suspected bacteria caused by this thing Straw mildew provoked, shape and size are similar to the black fungus, she cut from this box of yogurt, stir up two. Ms. Zhou said, yesterday she opened a box of yogurt for her daughter to drink, but her daughter is not willing to, she tasted it, no problem, that daughter is not accustomed to use straw, cut open packaging, did not expect to find that there is a foreign body in yogurt. Feel like glue, very difficult to break down, very hard. This box of yogurt is sent by Ms. Zhou, the production period is July 14th this year, shelf life of 180 days, there is no expired, but there are black fungus like foreign body, let her very worried about her daughter’s health. Because the daughter drank, now less than 11 months, yesterday did not change significantly, do not know what the incubation period. So, how can these black fungus like things appear in yogurt? Dairy company customer service staff said, did not see the object, can not answer you, never before, Ms. Zhou said, if it is not her daughter, she will not cut the package, and will not see such a frightening foreign body, the reporter then consulted the industry. Insiders said that this black thing may be caused by mildew bacteria, may be caused by the breakage of packing box in transit.

酸奶未过期却长出黑木耳 疑似杂菌引起霉斑 吸管挑起的这片东西,形状大小都类似黑木耳,周女士从这盒剪开的酸奶里,挑起了两块。周女士说,昨天她打开一盒酸奶给女儿喝,女儿却不太愿意,她自己尝了一下,没什么问题,以为女儿不习惯用吸管,就剪开包装,没想到,就发现酸奶里面有异物。觉得像皮胶,蛮难弄碎掉的,蛮硬的。这箱酸奶是周女士单位发的,生产期为今年7月14号,保质期180天,没有过期,却出现黑木耳样的异物,让她十分担心女儿的身体健康。 因为女儿喝了,现在11个月不到一点,昨天没明显变化,不知道有没有什么潜伏期。那么,这些黑木耳一样的东西,怎么会在酸奶里出现呢?乳业公司客服人员表示,没有看到实物,无法回答您,以前没有过, 周女士说,要不是女儿闹,她也不会把包装剪开,更不会看到这么吓人的异物,记者随后咨询了业内人士。 业内人士表示,这个黑色的东西可能是杂菌引起的霉斑,可能是运输途中包装盒破损引发的。相关的主题文章: