Yangcheng Lake crab bath price jump more than ten times the farmers market are fake-gamelink

Yangcheng Lake crab bath price jump more than ten times the farmers market are fake, autumn morning news survey, crab legs itch. The most famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs listed in, ten times the ordinary crab of the price, it also makes some unscrupulous businessmen playing the evil idea with ordinary crab posing Yangcheng Lake crab. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found, seafood market, anti-counterfeiting ring has become the magic weapon for ordinary crab sellers to raise their profile, but in the face of all kinds of ring, businesses are referred to as "authentic", industry insiders have revealed that there are all kinds of counterfeit Taobao crab ring to sell, and scan two-dimensional code generated after the page is fake it can be realized easily. Crabs are from Yangcheng Lake? In fact, a bath Beijing morning news reporter visited found in Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs stores, seafood market, the same component is called the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs of the price differential of nearly 10 times. In the store, about 389 yuan a female crab asking price of $32, while in the general seafood aquaculture market only $35. In Lishuiqiao seafood market, more than a dozen shops are out of the "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" signs. The boss introduced, his family’s crab and a few hundred dollars a store crab supply channels are the same. "We are engaged in wholesale, of course, the price is low." In the reporter repeatedly asked whether authentic, there are businesses quietly revealed that this crab is actually a bath crab". The so-called "bath crab" is in other areas of cultivation, but every fall into the Yangcheng Lake, a bath". "Or where there are so many Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs? The Yangcheng Lake in which keep so many crabs? As long as the crab is from Jiangsu, which is good in the lake." In addition to the signboard display crabs from the "Yangcheng Lake", these businesses can give customers the words "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" of the box, is "grade". In Beijing deep seafood market, the reporter interviewed found few "Yangcheng Lake" signs. Many businesses said the crabs from Gucheng Lake, Taihu and other places, "before posing Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs (business), but now the market Richard Yan, we are not off." The security ring is true? Taobao will have to sell the authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs will tie anti-counterfeiting ring, to show the identity, but now this trick is also copied. In Lishuiqiao seafood market, a seller said "if I was going to give it to you, with a security ring, can scan code to display the Security page, there are many gifts in front of." The anti-counterfeiting ring shape of the reporter saw most of the similar, but look different, the front to write "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" and "Suzhou famous brand" and other words, on the back of a two-dimensional code. Mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, the page is different, but the content includes "your query is the authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.". There are merchants, this ring is a ring of a crab, crab tied when selling. But there are businesses, said, someone specifically to do this deal". Jianxiangqiao a seafood market businesses also took out the ring for several security has yet to show to reporters, said "sell this than selling crabs also earn money". Reporter search "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in the Taobao online anti-counterfeiting ring, found a lot of stores are sold, the price of two or three cents each. Reporter contacted a few sellers, scan code to provide the sample theory相关的主题文章: