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Yang Xuemo: gold bulls to successive multi client callback dormant oil boom view the latest market Thursday evening announced the resolution, the European Central Bank [micro-blog] announced to maintain the three interest rates unchanged, maintaining the scale of asset purchases unchanged at 80 billion euros, and the maintenance of QE project period unchanged. Before the resolution was announced, many people think the ECB may extend the term of quantitative easing or modify the purchase of debt rules. However, the author Yang Xuemo believes that the Fed is expected to raise interest rates will also limit the European Central Bank’s action, at present, from the September 21st FOMC rate decision in just two weeks, the market is paying close attention to whether the Fed will raise interest rates in September. It is difficult for many central banks to take action before the Fed’s decision. For the European Central Bank, it is easier to choose to wait and keep the ammunition relatively easy. Delaki then after the market opened at a news conference that is ready to take all the tools, gold quickly narrowed rose, Delagi said the rate of interest is expected within the next period of time will remain at the current level or lower, and the implementation period will exceed QE. QE will continue until the inflation path is consistent with the target. 2016 fiscal position is expected to moderate expansion. The economic outlook is still downside risk. This year’s GDP growth rate is expected to increase from 1.6% to 1.7%, the next year and down from 1.7% to 1.6%. Will this year, inflation is expected to remain unchanged at 0.2% next year, down from 1.3% to 1.2%, the year after Delaki’s speech remained unchanged at 1.6% from the content point of view basically and never change what difference, the economy is expected to also is not afraid of the euro area news will temporarily come to an end, the market focus will return to the dollar interest rate issue. As the author of Yang Xuemo before the analysis, before the Fed’s interest rate decision meeting Fed officials can emit what kind of speech expectations, it is worth looking forward to and attention. Yesterday, the performance of the day has been more tangled, bullish does not rise, bearish does not fall, 1350 is like a wall, always suppress difficult to break, not broken high will fall this is the author often hung in the mouth of a word. Many customers may feel like this has been wandering in the middle of a few points that can not start, but if the market does not linger, there is no operating interval. Many customers may feel like today’s market will be more tangled, has been hovering in the middle of a few people feel no way to start, but in fact, if the market does not wander. There is no operating range. The unilateral market did not dare to do, dare to chase the single single. If a little fluctuation nor profit space, we hope to see the market and investors is 5-10 about market volatility, so today the 1348-1343 interval concussion, can catch a few waves of profit. For gold, a point can be guaranteed, even if the 3 point profit list do a sweep of a single list is still profitable space 3. This is a clear understanding of all investors can see the open disk. Technical analysis: daily after rose sharply Tuesday closing Yang, yesterday received a small Yin column. Small Yin column after the solar bulls is certainly a good thing, steady.相关的主题文章: