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Xu Liang Jihai Sun: stand is a great truth Chinese lack true [information] football chiefs are torn! Hao Haidong: Jihai Sun puliao people going to jail for Tencent sports October 14th Jihai Sun point gun "Dewey, Dewey hit Li Yi back, let Jihai Sun then broke again and again, and that the former Shenhua investor Zhu Jun and China football legend Hao Haidong" banner". Shortly after Jihai Sun Li Yi hit back again last night, Chinese and one of the big football player Xu Liang to join the camp, stand in support of Jihai Sun, said Jihai Sun said is truth, that the fans want to know the truth Chinese football. Xu Liang’s foot behind Jihai Sun since the evening of 11 in the 12 finals 0-2 defeat to Uzbekistan, Jihai Sun Dewey comments saying "see his performance, I again return to the national team hope", the war between football Chiefs "tear forced" war escalation. In the face of Jihai Sun and Gao Hongbo have repeatedly bombarded Dewey, to the entertainment chiefs opened the gun Li Yi "stand up", said Jihai Sun Dewey should not be so damaged. But Jihai Sun’s counter fire more fierce, in addition to NUPI Dewey is not qualified to enter the national team ", also once again stir up originally has played down the conflict between him and Li Yi, and Li Yi once mentioned" ball hog incident, by the team, the coach and the club away". The former Shenhua investor Zhu Jun "Chinese football then add fuel to the flames, there has been no" fool "resolutely resist!" Hao Haidong seems to mediate a "Jihai Sun don’t broke, or someone going to jail" lit the bystander "enthusiasm". "Fighting man" Li Yi in the face of "hit" is calm and said that Jihai Sun is completely in their own interests to choose shelling and broke the news, and that Jihai Sun lacks the bottom line. This also lets eat melon onlookers confused, "the tear forced" incident in the end in what way. Xu Liang, social media screenshot just after Li Yi back, once from the north of Guangzhou three home team Xu Liang also join the fray, but Xu Liang firmly supported Jihai Sun, "an evening news, also listen to the night of Jihai Sun’s words, I just want to say, everything he said is the truth these people and things, is a lot of football people understand, it is part of a person to say! He was using his identity and status to help those not so much attention to the insiders and fans to tell the truth!" But behind Jihai Sun, Xu Liang also said that the China football only by people who know the ball to manage in order to progress, "here, I sincerely hope China football in the future, there will be more people to understand the ball like Heinze even after management, because in so many years of football China failure, we are missing too many true…" (totem).相关的主题文章: