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Poor college students in Xining to enjoy the full funding of the first batch of grants issued to the hands of students – the new network for the first batch of the east area of Xining City grant distribution ceremony. Zhang Haiwen Xining, August (Xinhua) Xining 25 electric (Zhang Haiwen) on the eve of the school, the first batch of poor students throughout the first aid funding to the hands of College students. 25, a single mother in Datong County of Xining City Jiang Guibang with twin sons to pack, because grants issued in time, she is no longer two tuition fees worry, tomorrow he will accompany the two children to enroll in university. According to the reporter, in 2003 to develop a "poor students in Xining city to accept the" Provisional Measures for higher education, according to the local financial resources, each rural families of children enrolled in college after the civil affairs department with disposable 2000 yuan (RMB, same below), after employment to repay. It is difficult to alleviate the economic burden of poor students. From 2015 onwards, the Xining municipal government to rescue education into a group of eight "precise poverty alleviation plan, formulated the" college students from poor families to support the implementation of measures "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures "), the" measures "to revise the full funding for one-time loan, to the University graduate (the longest 4 years, medical except professional). The "measures" to greatly enhance the funding criteria, in accordance with a grant funded tuition fee is 7000 yuan per person per year; the two and three of the tuition fees of 6000 yuan per person per year funding and higher occupation education; college students funded tuition 5000 yuan per person per year. Subsidized by tuition fees in accordance with the provisions of the city’s minimum living standards, into the scope of urban subsistence allowances, according to the standard 403 yuan per person per month living expenses. The standard of living expenses is adjusted with the change of minimum living standard. "Approach" from August 2016 began to implement. This year, Jiang Gui’s twin sons were admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Xi’an Electronic and Science University, and by 1200 to block her monthly wage in the community public service jobs, cannot bear the two children’s tuition and living expenses. According to the approach, Jiang Gui’s two sons were awarded $7000 grants. "This policy has just caught us up. This will be able to live on some of the money, otherwise it is tuition, but also the cost of living, the cost is great." Jiang Gui said. It is understood that the first batch of yuan of funds issued by Datong County, there are 97, one of which is funded students. Ma Fushou’s father was seriously ill in bed for many years, his mother has been at home to take care of, the family only a small number of his father’s retirement wages to live, the family still owed $10000 of external debt. Familiar with the Ma Fushou family situation of community workers in the "measures" issued after the first time told him. Ma Fushou said: was admitted to the university is a very happy thing, but the tuition has become a new burden on the family. Know your tuition has landed very happy, this could be the firm and secure college." For the future, Ma Fushou has made the preliminary plan, returning to work after graduation, because people cannot leave home. In the afternoon, Xining City East District held the first grants distribution ceremony for the 31 students paid a total of 20)相关的主题文章: