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Xifeng pepper live turned Li Zhifeng: to tolerate the ordinary — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Xifeng live their pepper turned Li Zhifeng to bear his extraordinary success after the last broadcast, in late September 1st to live. She then pepper. The Fengjie still does not change the sharp color, verse frequent. She is not only the strength of laugh Wang Sicong, Wang Jianlin and other popular characters, but also changed the old style of narcissism, "Li Zhifeng" Crazy Chicken Soup and avatar. Xifeng live chicken quotations frequent positive energy bursting live at the beginning, she exudes full of positive energy, it is chicken little angel. Speaking after Wang Jianlin said the small goal is to earn one hundred million, she said: "for us ordinary people have to endure their ordinary, down-to-earth, every day a small short term goal, after more long-term goal planning." Moreover, she believes that people are the most important quality of good faith, even in the last layer of hell, as long as you are honest, kind-hearted, hard, it will climb up. Not only that, I still live in the "education" of users, Chinese is a vast territory and abundant resources country, beautiful scenery, long history, to own a Chinese proud. After thirty years of age love reading more transparent about their love once open-minded "story" and "bosom friend" Fengjie, the live and users to share their love of literature will be back: "Book of Songs", "a dream of Red Mansions" in poetry, "Han Dynasty", Han fu…… Shelley’s love poems, love Bai Juyi’s "song". That is not enough, in order to prove that he was not bragging, but also on the spot back "song" and Du Fu "soldier Car dealership" in fragments. Xifeng with his own experience to encourage users to Study hard: "I can go to today, and I try to read a great relationship. I was 20 years old, mainly by reading." Even if many people are watching with her "disgrace" of the mind, through the Xifeng two times live, have to admit, experienced and popular to flee the United States, now has over thirty years of age Fengjie become more transparent and open-minded. In the process of live Feng said: "I will not sing, not acting, is not a star, you do not look at me with eyes to see the stars." And bluntly that he is a stranger, a small silk?. Live at the end of Xifeng, and users agreed a month later will live again, and promised to meet the users wish live cooking. Although she has been widely concerned, but the mass of her cognition is still stuck in the past. Especially after she went to the United States, the public can only through micro-blog and her friends occasionally candid photos to judge her life. Provides a face-to-face communication platform and pepper as Xifeng and friends, her singing, share their life, love poems, and even the sun was not to prove their own candid friends so fat. Through these interactions, pepper to restore a true, inspirational, sharp fengjie. As a platform for both social and media properties of the live platform, pepper attracted Liu Yan, Han Xue, Zhang Jike, Yoga Lin and many other stars settled. With a rich sense of participation and real-time interaction, the stars can be deep with the fans相关的主题文章: