Wu Wangxin gold 1241 brewing rebound target for the week of 2 at the end of 1300-7470d

Wu Wangxin: the golden 1241 2 week brewing rebound target at the end of the 1300 Day holiday, the market is quiet, today is the first working day after the National Day Chinese, global prices are fixed on Friday, the two day will not write days analysis, can talk about the trend. The rebound out of the 104.2, next week to Japan: short line 8 with Yang after Friday’s payrolls recorded a decline, and the decline on Friday Wednesday and Thursday to recover all the gains, the daily closing of Yin Yang swallow bearish form, next week is expected to continue to fall, so next week the idea is for short varieties. From evolution perspective, there should be two admission opportunities, can refer to the first point in the vicinity of 103.60, second selling point is below the broken bits signal sorting platform. This plan for the time being, if we change the form of thinking. GBP: the three week short Sterling recommendations are great, the most happy is down two times too early Friday after the flash crash pounds, Europe is at the highest point of the layout, the biggest drop of 250 points, the equivalent of gold fell $25 range. Thursday’s short spot was almost intraday high, and on Tuesday, Wednesday, it was a reminder that the breed was short. For the pound’s shout, energy is limited can not be done every day, the United States and Japan next week to find a successful layout after the opportunity to do the pound. Gold 1241 brewing rebound, the goal is set at the end of the week of 1300 Gold: National Day holiday, the London gold fell sharply in. "Commodity" King gartman said, also very disappointed in gold plummeted, respect yourself to "go back" in addition to licking wounds, we really did not think this would happen. "What can I say?" And pointed out that the reason for the collapse of gold on Tuesday, or because of a heavy bet on gold rose hedge funds were forced liquidation. Visible, the price of gold fell during the national day not only hurt retail investors, and even some of the main force also suffered no small loss. On Friday morning, Goldman Sachs pointed out that 1250 of the value of gold has a strategic buy value, whether you believe it or not, I believe it, the unexpected fall often need unexpected rise to respond. The price of gold this week fell below the neckline line on the 1303 position, even in the future is short to step back to confirm the demand, and in addition to the Fed rate hike a bearish gold bull in fundamentals support. So Goldman’s proposal is worth paying attention to. Payrolls data of 156 thousand, 172 thousand less than expected data, poor performance, the probability of the Fed rate hike down slightly, the gold support near 1240, here is also very close to the weekly boll rail, from the weekly technical point of view, the next 2 weeks, the price of gold is to rely on the support rate about boll rail to Fanchou weeks below the neckline 1300 mark position, if the price is excellent, maybe there will be the inflection point position of the fourth quarter, this conclusion need time to verify, 1240 to 1300 of this section probably rate will occur, and in the last 2 weeks. Silver and gold similar trend, the rhythm is also fully consistent, the 17 mark has received strong support, began brewing rebound next week, national day.相关的主题文章: