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The wooden floor to the correct and reasonable consumption, do not use to purchase errors wood flooring has spread mass, the wooden floor is green and warm feeling as everyone knows the characteristics. We should be careful in the purchase of wood floors, do not go into the consumer misunderstanding, misunderstanding one: the more expensive tree species, the higher the level of the floor. Many people blindly worship the precious tree species, that the more valuable tree species, the higher the level of wood floors, and shopping guide also strongly recommend the precious species of wood flooring. Analysis: different tree species have their own natural attributes, processed into the floor after a slight difference in its characteristics. For example, teak flooring stable performance, environmental protection, thermal conductivity of rare, but if the home is geothermal heating, there is risk of deformation and cracking; although the wear resistance of pine floor had a color, but elastic, Juegan good, sound insulation and moisture-proof performance, suitable for paving children, elderly households; ash floor although hard, feeling slightly worse, but the wood moisture content is low, not easy to deformation. Consumers to buy the best to ask clear, according to the style of home improvement, economic conditions and family preferences, no need to blindly worship the precious tree species. Error two: the thicker the plate, the more durable the floor. In recent years, the increasing thickness of the floor, and even the emergence of 13 mm, 15 mm floor, the trend for many consumers have a misconception: that the thicker the floor, the more weight, the more rugged, durable. Error three: the import of the floor must be better than domestic. Many shopping guide in the promotion of their own products, have stressed that it is imported, but also with the exception of the imported floor, the quality must be better than the domestic". Analysis: whether imported or domestic wood, its natural properties will not change, so consumers do not blindly superstition imported products. Some domestic wood flooring brand also attaches great importance to product quality, reputation, consumers can go to the regular store to buy, in addition, when you can also check the test report, the product can be assured that the use of qualified.相关的主题文章: