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Marriage-Wedding Wizards players – John Wall in the United States Monday to participate in a former University of Kentucky basketball star and Dominica between a national exhibition. During John – Wall disclosed that the University of Kentucky coach – John Calipari has an opportunity to provide their own, wish I could go back to school to pursue advanced studies, their use will be considered later shut down period to continue his University of Kentucky studies. Star team at the University of Kentucky and the national team’s match Dominica, University of Kentucky star team eventually lost to the Eagles players 88-106 Al – Horford and guard vehicles Dominica Garcia led team. – John Wall were in that game with 15 points in the match, John – meeting with Wall alley-oop dunk of his teammates won the bravado. "I will try to see if there can be some courses on campus, if the lockout ends, then I can back online learning, strive to complete their studies." – John Wall said. – John Wall is currently pursuing a degree in business administration. "I wanted to be among the first of my family to get a university degree, although I will probably be the second such people, because my sister about the second year, so her progress over me, in my families were no other people at the University of organic. "- John Wall said. In addition to John – Walter, the Celtics guard Rajon – Rondo, 76ers guard Jody – Meeks and John – Wall University of Kentucky before teammate Eric – and mine Durso Demarcus – Cousins is now also considering the use of lockout period to continue to pursue a degree in question. "I felt like I had the college life is over, my life has been extended to the NBA to go over there." – John Wall said, "but now that school the opportunity to continue their studies there, and shut down period to continue using learning is also a good time, I would consider going to try the. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: