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The next will be married into the A shares will be rich beans education? Sina finance news the evening of October 12th three new board full education announced the termination of planning a major asset reorganization. From two months ago, the reorganization of the restructuring plan, the company’s identity is still a mystery. However, due to the weight of the group of companies belonging to the educational information service industry, the transaction is expected to amount in the 2 billion 800 million yuan – $4 billion range. The education sector and the two companies belong to such a big market, a star enterprise focus on the new board of Education Division bean. Coincidentally, all pass education announced that planning a major asset reorganization after 4 days, also in August 19, 2016, the new board of education information services company also announced the suspension for bean education "in the near future is planning major issues. Therefore, education is acquired by planning divided beans or on the other hold big move children? Bean education last year divided beans bustling about education is a hot topic in the market, the volatility of stock prices in 2015 has dropped to 11.09 yuan from the highest 83 yuan, down 86.6%. This year, divided beans are idle, drawn by four hundred million and suspended by making into agreements, first half revenue 87 million 560 thousand yuan, an increase of 18.50%; while net profit fell 60%. July 19th Beans Education revealed a on stock issuance plan announcement, announcement said the company plans to issue not more than 20 million RMB ordinary shares tradable, to raise funds not more than 400 million yuan. Subsequently, the company also said that the intention to subscribe for the existence of state-owned shares of the intention of the existence of state-owned institutions, taking into account the decision-making process and decision making time and other objective reasons, decided to suspend. Disappointed, but claimed the reason in "state institutions" is reminiscent of the divided beans education public transfer instructions on the "purchasing mode" a description of the project: "Hui college education system, the China Education Association for international exchange, both sides should jointly apply for the project of the Ministry of education" cultural industry "the development of special funds, special funds from the China Education Association for international exchange of direct subsidies to the cooperation school". In July 8th, the company had announced that as of June 30th, divided Beans Education PPP project signing up new 11 Municipal Education Bureau, 28 and released at the end of April, the first half of the Education Bureau of education signed a total of divided beans 39. Another move is to convert the transaction. Prior to stratification, many companies are frantically increasing market makers, or from the exchange of trade agreements to make market transactions. The phenomenon of stratification after the gradual return of a smooth, but it seems to have a separate plan beans. In 2016 June has divided Beans Education announcement that intends to market transactions to the transaction by agreement, and said it was considering the company’s long-term development and long-term planning based on the need to make a decision, there is no association with the increase of four hundred million yuan. A drop in profit, divided beans explanation is mainly because the education company canceled the original regional exclusive distribution methods, instead of level two and level two partners, partners operating cycle is short, so the income declined compared to last year. At the same time, the first half of the first half of the beans because of Continuing Education相关的主题文章: