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Why summer dream beauty has nothing to do with Jin Yong but can seckill thousands of Web red Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun after Xia Meng, the only beauty, what unequaled in beauty? Yesterday morning, the host Cao Kefan in micro-blog released the news of the death of actor Xia Meng. Xia Meng is dead, but all the headlines, almost all with the same words — "Jin Yong dreams", as if it is Valentine’s dream of Mr. Jin Yong, the old generation actress died, will not cause much attention to traffic, it is a pity that it is true. For Jin Yong, the beauty of Xia Meng, probably will not have too many people to see, and even care. For the summer dream, indeed only the words of Jin Yong: "how beautiful the most vivid beauty who have not seen, I think she should look like Xia Mengcai". "The legend of many years ago Jin Yong tailored for her screenplay, the name is called" unequaled in beauty ". However, the summer dream of beauty, and indeed with Mr. Jin Yong. The beauty of Xia Meng lies in the definition of beauty. Beauty standards, always by definition of the times, today is the peoples network copy of the red plastic face, tomorrow to fade, because there will always be replaced by new cosmetic face. So beauty and beauty from generation to generation update, difficult to get. Made in the United States, not the era of traffic can easily reproduce the story. It is grown in the traditional China aesthetic system, a generation has long, fully formed, in Chinese something. When Xia Meng, 00 still appears beautiful scorching, even can be a net seckill red, it is because of her beauty, has gone beyond history. Make a sentence by Wang Sicong who sought an impressive and deep talk today, red net girls, 50 years later, how many people can like Xia Meng’s beauty for future generations to admire? Beauty is rare, because we always need a long time, will pass through the current obstacles, and ultimately the formation of a consensus on beauty. The summer dream of beauty, nothing to do with Jin Yong, because a true beauty, why should the "prototype" Dragon Queen Yu Yan Jin Yong’s blessing to.   how beautiful is Xia Meng? "Let Jin Yong have become her Yan rice dream summer beauty, hidden in her name — in Xia Meng, from the Shakespeare," A Midsummer Night’s dream ". In fact, the beauty of Xia Meng, it is like a midsummer night’s dream. She is Wong Kar Wai’s first classical beauty "," Liang Yusheng’s eyes, the eyes of Han Hsiang Li China unequaled in beauty "" film in the history of the most beautiful star"… She is a masterpiece of god". But to say more, not as good as a picture of the truth. The most popular ones, like old times on a calendar is a great lady, with a sense of the times of the gentle jade beauty. But in an instant, she obviously has the aggressive of the United States, is reluctant to move from her eyes. How to get the eye, becomes annoying leprechaun. Put on the swimsuit Su Yan battle, and became the most rare in this era of Su Yan beauty. If you change the cheongsam, have aristocratic charm, Ambilight, and no one can. Casually put on a body相关的主题文章: