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Book-Marketing Fiction has been something that has always attracted eyeballs. So, whether you are an adult or a teenage, if once and for all you have read any trilogy fiction series books that are latest in the market, then, you will be able to understand the imaginary capabilities of the writer and how they take you to a new world in a short span of time. These books are not just a regular pastime. So, if you found out the life of Zoya in your friends house, who is a boy, then dont look appalled, even though the book has a female protagonist, yet it has the flavor of imagination and strong storyline. So, sometimes it becomes necessary to forget the patriarchal society and sail with the imagination of the writer, even though the main protagonist in the story is a woman. You can come across different stories in these trilogy series books, the latest one to hit the market was the Life of Zoya. But, one thing is evident that people forget to notice is why these fictional fantasy books are being written, the answer is to evade morbidity. Amid increasing monotony that people are experiencing in the life, they are looking for an escape velocity, a phenomenon that is taught in physics. It is the point where any matter want to break free from its moribund state, the same is the case with living organisms, and, particularly humans. They are sometimes fed up of the mundane work and living culture that they are living. It is at the apex point that they feel they need to escape into a new world, and during this period reading is the best alternative that they can resort to. But, they dont go for reading those old love stories or suspense thrillers; rather, they prefer latest fantasy fiction books. So, in that pursuit, trilogy series books can come in handy. You may have heard of the book life of Zoya, the book depicts the continuous struggle that Zoya faces to survive in a hostile environment in Earth. Her struggles, will power, insanity, and courage creates an illusionary, where people connect with the protagonist. The unique pen work of the writer helps the reader to replace the protagonist with themselves. So, they begin to feel a respite from the torturous work schedule. The monotony of their life is broken by these spell bound stories that take them to a new level. So, they start to connect with the story and they are spell bound after going through them. So, no matter whether you are reading the Life of Zoya, or A Wizards Tale, the purpose of this exercise is escape velocity from daily chore. In this pursuit, trilogy series books written on the theme fiction fantasy are the latest tools that are helping the working population. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: