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Why does the entrepreneur don’t get into a better circle than you? The circle is very important. But why do we never get into a powerful circle? We often say, insiders, outsiders. As people live in time and space, people are also living in a big and small circle. Some people say, "the circle decides the future, a person must learn to optimize his circle." The circle is very important, and this is the fact. But the truth that most people are in a circle is that you can’t get more than you are. Dan, not qiangrong Gustave Flaubert’s "Madame Bovary", is a living history of extrusion ring failure. Elmar was eager to enter the circle of the Paris aristocracy, but could not escape the birth of the poor tailor’s daughter and the fact of marrying a mediocre rural doctor. She is not willing. In order to squeeze into the Paris aristocracy, she went to the count’s banquet and returned in a mess. She accosted the gentry and kept Paris college students. She refused to let any hope of marching into a better circle, but she was abandoned and scars. The circle of identity and value, you are not enough weight, how hard to squeeze in, no one can see you. Do you know what’s the place in China’s four top circle gatherings? You can’t get tickets. "Like attracts like., never joke Birds of a feather flock together.". Dan, not qiangrong. Better than you did not use the circle, squeeze. Circles from the circle of people and outside people together decide that some circles you have never melted in, and some circles, you entered, and will be "got" out. Bai Xianyong’s "Peony Pavilion" in Lantian, Yu was invited to sinus mansion, once the sisters by bus, she took a taxi. The sisters say they haven’t seen any of them. After her husband died, she did not go, has gradually out of the circle of luxury. This cannot follow the circle of powerlessness, just like the old sisters "garden" sung tactfully, she opened throat sing "dream". Classmate party, everyone began to participate, then turns to host, some people can’t afford not to. So a few rich people took part in, and then became the circle of the former classmates. The circle is not only determined by the people in the circle, but by the circle of people and the people in the circle. When some people can not keep up with the circle, the rest of the people form another circle and get closer. Some far away, never related to ingratitude, but a natural choice. Not Mendanghudui, also matched powerful circle is very difficult to squeeze, but does not mean to go into. In order to enter the literary world, Xiao Jun and Xiao Hong once wrote to Lu Xun, full of fear. It’s so hard to get into Lu Xun’s circle. Look at the people in his circle to know: Qian Xuan Tong, Cai Yuanpei, Hu Shi, Zhang Taiyan, Chen Yinque… A person casually picked out are well-known writer. But after a few times of communication, Lu Xun was moved by their talent. He likes Xiao Hong’s frankness and talent, saying that she is "the most promising woman writer of contemporary China". He introduced her to the literary world, for her "life and death" preface, also invited her to sit at home, sometimes chat late even went downstairs with her, let her come again. Lu Xun wants to put a writer in a green hand of their own circle, just because this is recognized by the people he admires. Because as talented, so Freemasonry. Because people of the same nature can’t bear to give up. The people who can be invited into the circle are all the people in the eyes of the inviter. The person who can enter the circle has the attribute of the circle. It’s just the difference between early and late. The real great man never took the mixed circle as the fiftieth Golden Horse Award. Carol Cheng asked Huang Bo why he was dressed so casually when he came to the Golden Horse Award. Huang Bo smiled and said, "I was in the Golden Horse Award for five years. It’s like being at home. Come back home, of course. " Ma Yun presided over the elite Chinese students such as Xiantingxinbu, but when. The real high man, the circle is not the right thing, but the leisure. The best feeling is the best circle well-matched in strength, and you must be matched. You know what you say in the circle, and you get into the world as well. So, when you feel out of touch with a powerful circle, don’t rush to cater to the circle. When you touch enough powerful circle, you do not go to crowded, naturally. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to big Chu to start WeChat, scan below two-dimensional code or search dachucy