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Which countries are worth visiting in 2017? 2017 – the Sohu not to travel, the annual list LP has been freshly baked, the list was "country", "city", "area" and "value" in four categories, today Xiaobian together and look at the ten big city in 2017 the most worth visiting. Bordeaux, France, Bordeaux is in the southwest of France, it takes 1 hours to fly from Paris, however in southwest France a new high-speed railway line is expected in 2017 completed, it will connect the city with the European high-speed rail network, from Paris to Bordeaux travel time will be shortened to 2 hours. Bordeaux is out of the ordinary outstanding architecture which was built in eighteenth Century, the building is the "small Paris" won the nickname for 200 years ago, and was also recently named as a UNESCO World Heritage site (UNESCO). Cape Town, Cape Town, a charming city. And the penguins to listen to the singing of seals, TLIDEA chasing sharks, ostrich race with the wind. Morning to the Atlantic say hello, owned by India ocean to sleep at night. This is an easy job to do it at first sight the rainbow nation. With the Saitezi African Museum of Contemporary Art (Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa) opened in September, art and design atmosphere will become more and more strong, Saitezi is the world’s largest exhibition of African Contemporary Art Museum, is built in a barn in hundred years after the industrial architectural wonders. Losangeles, the United States like Brent Wood’s lovely coffee house? Don’t miss the sushi bar or noodle house on Sawtelle avenue. Indulge in the silver lake near the reservoir on the path, enjoying the scenery? Echo Park is also worth exploring. Typical never Malibu and Santa Monica beach date, but the Gulf of San Pedro history and culture will make you linger. In Losangeles such a colorful city, you are never boring, although there has been known to all celebrities, before fitness mania and not to the point of fantasy, but it serves as a cultural destination is becoming more and more active, and the traffic is more convenient. Merida, Mexico in Merida, any day, you can find a dizzying live music and dance performances, art exhibitions, cultural development must be in full swing (local delicacy also than hot pepper in Havana). This year, Merida was awarded the American culture of the title, in other words, visitors can look forward to a very ambitious cultural festival organizers throughout 2017 arranged a series of events staged. It is worth mentioning is that what is called Baicheng Merida now but Mexico is one of the most safe place. Ohrid, Macedonia, Ohrid (Ohrid) is located in the southwest of Macedonia, close to the border with Albania, in 353 BC have been recorded in the literature. According to historical records, the Ohrid has more than 350 churches.相关的主题文章: