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Civilization, garbage exit – Gansu Channel – People’s original title: civilized family garbage exit (micro investigation) over the years, on holidays, littering problems are placed in front of the scenic management of a difficult problem". This year’s National Day holiday, many positive action, advocacy volunteer service, guide tourists to participate in, strengthen the management guarantee, environmental protection and civilized tourism has achieved good results. Many scenic area leaders sigh — this golden week, garbage littering phenomenon is much less. Volunteer service into the landscape, October 1st 6:10 in the morning, Tiananmen square. At about 110 thousand at the cheers of the crowd, the five-star red flag in the majestic national anthem fluttering in the wind. Shortly after the flag raising ceremony, the "garbage zero plan" team, consisting of nearly 30 students from the International Department of thirty-fifth middle schools in Beijing, came to Tiananmen square and began the journey of "garbage clearance". "The square is clean as a whole, but there are also some scattered garbage." Team volunteers Hou Yuchen told reporters, "a lot of visitors to the square will buy some stickers affixed to the face, sometimes accidentally dropped sticky on the ground, it will be more difficult to tear down."." Hou Yuchen said as he tore his stickers on his hands. Under the efforts of volunteers, after daybreak, almost no garbage can be seen on the ground of the square. The "garbage zero program" was organized by the Beijing charity volunteer Federation, and participated in many schools. During the National Day holiday, divided into 14 groups, all day to Tiananmen square and surrounding environmental health maintenance, while advocating all citizens and visitors to Beijing from their own, so that garbage cleared". Visitors to the public to participate the National Day holiday, Guizhou city of Guiyang province launched the "civilization I participate, satisfied with the service in Guiyang" series of activities in the city of ecological civilization volunteer seven Park, to carry out the garbage for gift guide action, tourists and the public to participate in the garbage, take care of the park environment. In the park of Lingshan, Guizhou Province, visitors will use the food packaging bags, mineral water bottles, paper towels and other garbage brought out of the park, you can change a bottle of mineral water or a pen. Volunteers Wang Fang said, "a pen", "a bottle of water" is small, but it awakened and strengthened people’s sense of civilization. "Collecting small gifts from the trash in the park gives many children a sense of accomplishment and encouragement." Wang Fang said, in order to commemorate this moment, some children specially asked their parents to take photos at the volunteer service desk. In October 2nd, Guangdong tourists Li Yan deliberately let the child carrying a bag of garbage, in the propaganda point for a mobile phone buckle. After the event, the status of tourists littering in Lingshan Park was improved, and the melon seeds, drinks cups and so on in the lakeside, the woods, the road, and so on were reduced obviously. Management guide area clean and beautiful effect cannot do without management duocuobingju. In Hangzhou, Qianjiang new city every 50 meters there is a trash can, in front of visitors to the Hangzhou Grand Theater door, temporary placed more than 20 big trash can. Garbage fixed time point, out daily cleaning staff more than 360 people, more than 70 vehicles. In Guiyang, Aha Lake National Wetland Park Management Office daily organization administrative staff of more than 10, security, cleaning, greening)

文明当家 垃圾退场–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:文明当家 垃圾退场(微调查)   多年来,每逢节假日,乱扔垃圾问题都是摆在景区管理者面前的一道“难题”。今年国庆假期,多地积极行动,倡导志愿服务、引导游客参与、加强管理保障,环境保护和文明旅游取得了良好效果。不少景区负责人感叹――这个黄金周,垃圾乱扔现象少多了。   志愿服务成风景   10月1日清晨6时10分,天安门广场。在约11万名观礼群众的欢呼声中,五星红旗在雄壮的国歌声中迎风飘扬。升旗仪式结束不久,由北京市第三十五中学国际部近30名学生组成的“垃圾零计划”小分队来到天安门广场,开始了“垃圾清零”之旅。   “广场上整体比较干净,但也有一些零星的垃圾。”小分队志愿者侯雨辰告诉记者,“好多来广场的游客会买一些贴在脸上的贴纸,有时候一不小心掉了黏在地上,就会比较难撕下来。”侯雨辰一边用手撕着地上的贴纸一边说。在志愿者的努力下,天亮之后,广场的地面上几乎看不到垃圾。   这次“垃圾零计划”活动由北京市慈善义工联合会主办,联合多所学校的学生们共同参与。国庆长假期间,分成14组全天对天安门广场及周边环境卫生进行维护,同时倡导所有市民以及来京游客从自身做起,让垃圾“清零”。   游客市民共参与   国庆假期,贵州省贵阳市在市内七大公园启动“文明我参与、满意在贵阳”生态文明志愿服务系列活动,开展垃圾换礼品行动,引导游客和市民共同参与垃圾清理,爱护公园环境。   在黔灵山公园,游客们将使用过的食品包装袋、矿泉水瓶、纸巾等垃圾带出公园,就可换一瓶矿泉水或一支笔。志愿者王芳说,“一支笔”“一瓶水”虽小,但它唤醒和强化了人们的文明意识。   “收集园内垃圾兑换得来的小礼品给了很多小朋友鼓励和成就感。”王芳说,有小朋友为了纪念这一时刻,专门要求父母在志愿者服务台前拍照留念。10月2日,广东游客李艳特意让孩子提着一袋垃圾在宣传点换了一个手机扣。活动举办后,黔灵山公园游客乱扔垃圾状况得到改善,湖边、林子里、路上的瓜子壳、饮料杯等明显减少。   管理引导起效应   整洁优美的景区离不开管理部门的多措并举。在杭州,钱江新城每隔50米就有一个垃圾桶,在游客集中的杭州大剧院门前,临时摆放20多个大垃圾桶。垃圾清运“定人定时定点”,日均出动保洁人员360余人,车辆70多辆。在贵阳,阿哈湖国家湿地公园管理处每天组织行政人员10余名,保安、保洁、绿化工人100余名及部分学生志愿者,在公园入口及公园游客服务中心设立宣传点,引导广大游客参与志愿活动,文明出行。   倡导促进了游客素质的提高。今年,由浙江省杭州市举办的“无烟西湖”志愿活动已经进入到了第四季。“景区里人山人海,本以为很快就能发现吸烟的人,谁知道走了10分钟都没发现。”志愿者姜伟说,经过连续搜寻和集中统计,“数量又比去年少了很多。”   在北京,颐和园、天坛、动物园、北海、香山等知名景区,国庆假期重点加强园容卫生和景观环境维护,在主要游览道路做到保洁不断线,垃圾日产日清、无卫生死角;增设17处临时厕所,并增加清扫频次,确保卫生纸、洗手液等供应充足;开展宣传,引导游客文明游园。“虽然不文明旅游行为时有发生,但文明出游已成为大家的共识。”北京市旅游委负责人表示。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章: