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Advertising What is the point of a catalogue photo? Before you answer that question, just stop for a minute, and think carefully about it, from both the standpoint of a consumer, and of a business. Because a simple catalogue photo can be taken so easily for granted, and yet holds a tremendous responsibility. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to think that a catalogue photo is simple, or easy, or that it is just a photo of a product for a catalogue. There are in fact so many aspects to even the most basic product photograph taken for a catalogue that they are amongst the most vital tools in any business’ marketing arsenal. It’s important to understand what the point or purpose of a catalogue photo is, why, and how it is possible to achieve the aim successfully. Being aware of what a good photo in a catalogue is trying to do provides businesses with the opportunity to think more carefully about the choices they make throughout the process of organising the photographing of their products, whilst at the same time giving consumers a sneak insight into how businesses aim to influence them, redressing the balance slightly. One of the most fundamental points to consider is that photographs and images, whether animated, still or video, work well to attract our attention because the human animal has evolved over thousands of years to regard visual messages, clues and input to be the most important. After all, being able to see your prey clearly at a glance though the grass is of much more benefit than being able to read an interesting description of what it would taste like if you weren’t so busy reading someone else’s description of what it would taste like to actually catch one yourself. Today we may not be concerned about spotting prey, but we are bombarded each day with messages, and it is those visual messages which tend to get our attention more than any other kind. Whether it’s a photograph of an attractive model, a product within an environment we find desirable, or an image of an activity we enjoy, we tend to find our attention drawn towards visual clues and images much more quickly and at a much more basic and irresistible level than audio or written marketing. A catalogue photo has to therefore grab our attention in an irresistible way, but clearly if you’re selling a fountain pen this is could be tricky. A pen on its own says relatively little. A catalogue photo of a pen needs to convey more. Few people will find the pen so desirable, so irresistible that their visual attention will be hooked. And so for this reason the professional catalogue photographer will seek to integrate the product, perhaps a fountain pen, within an environment which provides a few more visual clues, perhaps subtle ones, which help to provide an atmosphere, mood, attitude or to provide clues as to who the target audience is. This is important to bear in mind, because often we find we’re only drawn to visual images if we already have some idea that we are the intended audience in some way. This is achieved by providing the right mood or hidden message. For example, it could be that the fountain pen is being targeted at successful business people, and so peripheral clues could be to have the pen lying on an expensive desk, with high quality letters or papers positioned close by. It is these secondary visual clues which help connect the target audience with the product, and a successful catalogue photo will seek not merely to provide an indication of what the product looks like, but who it is aimed at. Once your attention has been caught, and you be.e engaged with the image, other clues and ideas will be conveyed, often in subtle ways, suggesting quality, style, success and such like, all of which help to encourage you to part with your cash. So to assume that a catalogue photo is simply a photo is to seriously underestimate its importance and power. It’s more of a hypnotist .bined with the most persuasive sales person you’ve ever seen, with a little bit of a psychologist thrown in for good measure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: