When father! Qiao Zhenyu second daughter was born a good word-pretty rhythm

When father! Qiao Zhenyu second daughter was born in the "good" Qiao Zhenyu, a family of three (data plan) the morning of October 8th, Qiao Zhenyu made a child wearing a mask of self published news, and with the text: "ha ha ha……! Thank you……! Wang Qian a wife hard!" Suspected in the hospital to accompany his wife. In this regard, the media said that Qiao Zhenyu’s second child was a daughter, wife birth, daughter eight pounds, her daughter safe. Qiao Zhenyu micro-blog. In this regard, many users have said: "congratulations to Joe beauty again when the father", "people are having a baby sun ungenerous, Joe always you drying your a big face". It is reported that Qiao Zhenyu and Wang Qianyi in the drama "old age" is due to play a couple soon, when Wang Qian suffered economic hardship and family health crisis, the mood was depressed. In the understanding of Qiao Zhenyu, his patience and care, she has not the same feeling of Qiao Zhenyu. Two people in June 2013 to receive a marriage certificate, in September, Wang Qian had a baby boy named shunshun, and drying out the warmth of a family of three photo on micro-blog. Related news Qiao Zhenyu admitted that his wife is pregnant with a second child: the results of Qiao Zhenyu’s wife pregnant with second child Phoenix Entertainment News the day before, Qiao Zhenyu with his wife and three sons of a warm travel, his wife Wang Qian, a pregnant belly bulging, walking slowly and painfully, already pregnant with their second child. For this rumor, Qiao Zhenyu generous response, said his wife is indeed pregnant, and this thing is not planning, but let nature take its course. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: