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What sport is the most weight loss? Sohu health often have friends to ask, what is the most weight loss? In fact, there is no movement, is suitable for all people, weight loss effect is not the same. To consider the different age, physical fitness, body shape, the basis of sports ability, body shape, whether or not the disease…… Combined with aerobic and anaerobic, weight loss. Wait, what is aerobic, anaerobic? First look at what you fit me to give a few examples, we look at what kind of fit, you can choose the corresponding. What is aerobic and anaerobic? Aerobic exercise: low intensity, can be carried out for a long time, basically aerobic exercise. For example, brisk walking, jogging, long distance slow swimming, slow cycling, etc.. Anaerobic exercise: high intensity, severe, generally not more than two minutes, will be breathing, need to take a rest to restore physical strength, in order to continue to exercise. Sprint sprint, weight lifting. Aerobic exercise, the process of consumption of carbohydrates and fats; anaerobic exercise, only consume carbohydrates, easy to produce lactic acid accumulation, easy to tired. Only "oxygen" burns fat? No. That "oxygen free" to lose weight? Also not. If the two sports consume almost the same amount of energy, weight loss is almost the same. If weight loss is compared to "money"…… Conclusion: aerobic and anaerobic combined, more weight loss. "Oxygen" and "oxygen free" efficient combination of the following, is the key time for the road Sir! If you can easily and quickly run more than 5 kilometers, you can consider the combination of exercise, efficient "brush credit card" to lose weight. A complete sports training can be carried out in accordance with the 6 step:? Warm-up, 5 ~ 10 minutes of brisk walking, or jogging, and the body activities. Anaerobic training, the 3 groups at a time only for the legs, or arm of the shoulder, or back, or chest, with the corresponding large equipment or dumbbells, exercise. High intensity intermittent, 10 ~ 20 minutes is also HIIT, generally contains a set of Burpee action. Recommendations for the video study, from the beginning to strengthen the adaptability, advanced version, version. ? aerobic training, 30 minutes of brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing, aerobics (Pump it, up Insanity). Abdominal exercises? (can not) the core abdominal exercises, usually include a variety of abdominal volume movements, or even difficult abdominal muscle tear. But two or three times a week is enough. Stretch, more than 5 minutes must stretch! And according to the training site, the corresponding parts of the stretch. If you do not exercise, the foundation is weak, the beginning of movement…… It honestly go from the start, step by step to strengthen the jogging, speed running; physical increase, increased anaerobic exercise. Strive for 1 hours a day y相关的主题文章: