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What kind of hairstyle should I change? You have to decide the trend of the four lead: although has more than half the year, but the September school season always gives people a sense of re starting, recent study of the inverse water sign coincides with the period when everything goes wrong, especially want to change other wood! (source: ELLE Chinese network) Yang Zi on micro-blog PO out of their hair as Yang Zi in the micro-blog PO out of their hair, both Haircut and Hair Coloring, a big change! The long hair cut into a LOB long hair cut from the head of the LOB, from the pure black dyed linen, and had very different aura. Song Jia also has a cut also dyed the actress is Song Jia, from the LOB head cut into neat hair, and in this summer more than once! Hair color change frequently from the early August to the end of August the light grey and pink gold, from the photo, although the hair color change frequently, but the good hair care she still has a supple hair. Foundation is good, like a bit. Without the courage to dye and cut? Never mind, want to let you fall in this hairstyle upgrade, have the following four "don’t make snap" method can easily dress! There is a sense of the level of the straight hair, a clavicle layered silky hair clavicle winter 2016 Milan fashion week Byblos Milano complaisant straight hair can change the hair to suction eye, very layered pruning, not only to face, and the autumn bleak sense and complement each other. Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence popular hair flush time is over, with a rich sense of the more provocative. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian on behalf of the autumn brown hair color is a good choice. Karen Gillan Karen Gillan level is not only long after the short, the left and right sides of the tail length has a distinctive personality. Jiang Shuying Jiang Shuying falls in the clavicular fossa long hair is undoubtedly the most ideal length, will you show the advantages of perfect. Single volume three, let the natural transition has become your punchline despite the popular trend has been changing the length of hair, but hair elements never be eliminated, but more and more is not limited to long hair. Everyone has different styles of love, this is a good chance for you to interpret personality. Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart BOB in the head of central pick a strand of hair from the top to the end of 2/3, outside the Alice hair show nifty. Lucy Hale Lucy Hale LOB the length of head can play tricks up. A series of three strands braided to the hair tail from the top of the central, fixed with a small rubber band, and then combining it with the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Gaia Weiss Weiss from both sides of the hair pick up the scorpion braid, and then in the Gaia.相关的主题文章: