What is the experience of working in a mysterious snapchat company (video) super bass

What is the experience of working in a mysterious Snapchat company? BI Chinese station reported in October 9th for most people, I come to work in the morning was locked outside the company is a new experience, but for Snapchat (recently renamed Snap, valued at $25 billion) of the staff, this is simply a homely food. If you find that you can’t get into the door, it must be the secret team that worked all night in the office last night. This state is not new, the rapid rise of Losangeles new employees every day in the busy life of chaos. In Snapchat, the secret is concomitant with the growth of a company, the new employee the first lesson is to keep a secret, they will be repeated learning rule of confidentiality in special class. While the company’s project is also the first at the tail, said the cut was cut, no one will explain. Recently, Business Insider interviewed more than a dozen of Snapchat’s current and former employees, through their words depict the mysterious company employees work experience. In the eyes of many people, the success of Snapchat is mainly based on the CEO Spiegel with his own look far ahead from a high plane, the trick quickly capture the young users position. However, I’m afraid not so simple, although the rapid rise of Snapchat, but its mysterious rules let employees feel some chilling". "To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m part of the team," said a former employee. Snapchat’s project is too mysterious, and sometimes see the new file, I do not know what the company to sell drugs gourd, which makes people feel like an outsider, and is a fool of outsiders." For Spiegel and Snapchat, how to improve the situation without prejudice to the company’s magic team cohesion is a very critical issue, after all, they face the future major strategic restructuring, the inevitable need to withstand enormous pressure from all sides. Confidential CEO Snapchat troubled spegel spegel idol is Jobs, his office even hung his mentor’s portrait. And now Spiegel is simply a replica of Jobs, he’s a control freak, but in secret. The Snapchat office layout also highlights the special taste of Spiegel and other employees are working in the open office area of tradition, but his own office is located in the building on the top of the door locked, very mysterious. "The first time I saw such a layout, I understood a truth: Spiegel is a" God. "." Snapchat, a former executive said. "He decides everything, and overlooks everything from the height." Snapchat recently released Spectacles glasses is also a secret project results. At the beginning of this year, the company hired 200 new employees in the two months before, the start-up company’s employees only about 1000 people. In addition to Spectacles glasses, the company also considered other wearable devices, such as can be clipped on clothes相关的主题文章: