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What is the "black" girl in October 14th to mention four volt crisis "black at what" is what "poster" black girl in the four volt crisis crisis forecast Tencent entertainment news director Wang Yichun "black is what" to mention than originally released in October 14th, released a week ahead of time. The first feature film since August last year, won the best director award at the FIRST Youth Film Festival, harvest numerous accolades, even Jiang Wen, Bao Dexi, Diao Yinan, Cao Baoping and the famous film for its endorsement. Before the exposure of a series of posters, trailers, now make mention, tempt the appetite of the audience to see the true capacity. "In the case of ripe peach" mention posters released today, the film side issued posters and announced that "what to mention" black October 14th to mention. The poster girl of the Qujing central, riding to the depths of the dark cave looked like at the audience and at the same time. Qujing modern clothing and props: red scarf, white shirt, straight skirt, plastic sandals, and bar of bicycle. Another female character is only seen in a corner of skirt, colorful, reverie. Poster peach case cooked in five characters, pun implies full. "Peach" means gradually developed full of adolescent girls, "with a breath of passion. The case is the case of Italy, and the board. What is that girl growing up in the case, or to become a girl under the exposed fish? Different understanding of the case, can produce a completely different answer. "In October 14th, the mention also skillfully playing a word game. "Ming" is tomorrow, and the "black" corresponding work in just ways. Trailer third Trailer female owners around the "disclosure of the latest disclosure threatened by growing crises", a great amount of information. The trailer and stills with previously released, can be roughly sketched out a pair of serial rape murder face. At the beginning of the trailer, revealing the crime location for the artificial lake of reeds. And disclose the perpetrators of the modus operandi: the victims are women, the thigh has a cross shaped scar, the neck has a scar. Narrator "artificial lake men" and "woman whose body was found in the artificial lake". Followed by the burial during peaceful times lens: two middle-aged men with picks and shovels to dig, lying next to the body of a woman. Girls in Qujing all appeared in the above two scenarios, suggesting that her key. At the same time, Qujing appears multiple open lens: home, video room, abandoned buildings, classrooms, and looking in the reeds and in the air raid shelter exploration scene, seems to support her to find their way. But then the lens shows that Qujing is in a "threatened by growing crises" environment. Including multiple trailing peep lens: before Qujing was suspected of wearing a straw hat man buried in a landfill followed; the QuJing Railway Station open in the lower right corner of a man peeping lens. And Qujing in the nursing home room in Qujing, the old man was clinging to the pro head, Narrator: "this old man, is not rape killer." In addition to the details of the details of the details of the murder, the girls in Qujing are also facing a number of traces in the trailer, such as: nail polish, women’s bra, miniskirt, and physiology!相关的主题文章: