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Arts-and-Entertainment There were some great performances during week 2 of Dancing with the Stars , and there were some not so good performances. Three couples ended up at the bottom of the judges’ leader board this week, with one of the couples being eliminated from the show. Here’s a brief recap the performances that were the worst performances this week on Dancing with the Stars. Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower struggled this week with their Jive performed to Elvis classic hit "Hound Dog." Chelsie tried to bring out some tricks and gimmicks to make Michael loosen up and stand out from the crowd, and he did stand out but not in a good way. It must be really hard when you are successful in one area of your life to put yourself out there and try something so .pletely different from what you know and not be successful at it. The judges were hard on the couple. Head Judge Len Goodman said that you needed a pooper scooper after the performance and that some dances don’t suit a person and this might be the case with the Jive and Michael. Bruno was much harsher on him, saying that it was the worst Jive in 11 seasons on the show. Carrie Ann said it was very awkward to watch. They scored 12 out of 30 (with Bruno giving him a 3). The Situation and Karina performed a Quickstep this week that was much improved from his showing last week. Of course The Situation has three less weeks of dance training than the rest of the couples and it is showing in his dances. You have to give this guy credit, though. He has abandoned his conceited, arrogant personality from "Jersey Shore" to one that is humble and willing to do whatever his partner asks him to do, even if it to dance to a song that isn’t his favorite ("Americano" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra). Len called the performance a series of unfortunate events but that he did do a pretty good job with such a difficult dance. Bruno said you could tell by watching him perform that he really wanted to do the dance well but he struggled, but went on to say it was better than last week. Carrie Ann told him to start working on his musicality by getting an iPod and listening to it whenever he can. They scored 18 out of 30. Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel had a very different approach to their Jive this week, one that was much more serious and traditional in terms of performance. She looked great in a hot pink and animal print costume, and their music ("Dreaming" by Blondie) was great too. The judges really appreciated the fact that she took a more serious and traditional approach to the dance this week. Len said the performance had lots of life and energy. Bruno told her to keep her movements and body tight and sharp, but also to relax and enjoy the performance and this would make a big difference. Carrie Ann said she saw some definite improvement from last week. They also scored 18 out of 30. When the votes were counted and .bined with the judges’ scores, Michael Bolton ended up being eliminated from the show. It would have been difficult for him to go on for a long time on the show because he is touring right now but others have done it and done well (think Donny Osmond, season 9 champion). Next week, the remaining couples will have to do a Foxtrot or Paso Doble. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: