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Water also field: two children often see again?! Learn NO Say! – the development of the immune system is not yet perfect, easy to fall ill. Moreover, the same gene, twins in similar health together, cross nursing basic necessities of life…… So, every time a sneeze sounded at home, will become the butterfly effect of the page’s wings, twin or multiple child family will appear sick Lianliankan the horrors? &, a cold fever; if there is a baby sneezing, runny nose, fever, the two should be a baby away as soon as possible, by different guardians in different places to take care of, to avoid cross infection. If the baby’s temperature is abnormal in the armpit above 37 degrees, the mother can first observe the child, do physical cooling: use a damp cloth to help the baby to wipe the body, combined with the use of antipyretic plaster. As long as the child’s mental state is normal without medication, the room is maintained at 27 degrees Celsius, ventilation, keep the air fresh, pay attention to nutrition and moisture can be added. If the baby’s body temperature more than 39 degrees will give the baby taking antipyretics or go to see a doctor, to prevent cardiovascular and other organ damage. Fever, the child to accelerate the metabolism, the body of a large number of salt and water loss, and thus the primary problem is to cure the disease, to replenish enough water to promote the excretion of metabolites and toxins in the body. During the heating, the diet should be light, easy to digest as the principle, should be a small number of meals. The acute stage of the disease, the baby appetite is bad, the best feed on liquid food, such as rice, milk, fruit juice, bean soup; recovery period or fever period, the deployment of semi liquid food, such as nutrition, Rice noodles minced meat porridge, noodles soup, egg soup and so on; after the fever, can choose fresh vegetables, noodles, Rice porridge easy to digest food. Meat, egg and other indigestible food should eat less meat. Two, miliaria is due to hot summer weather, poor indoor ventilation, wear tight clothes, clean skin sweat glands hole is blocked, due to poor physical reasons for the excretion of sweat. Prickly heat is not contagious and without the twins for isolation, does not affect the two child physical contact. At this time only need to timely replace the baby clothes stained with sweat, several times a day cleaning, pay attention to room temperature control, and wipe with cucumber slices, you can easily remove rush itching. Baby summer clothes is very important, hot summer, wear thin cotton absorbent, and the clothes should be loose, the heat is emitted, sweat is not easy to absorb natural cotton clothes long prickly heat. Three, & baby diarrhea vomiting; constantly vomiting, should recall the situation within 24 hours of eating, if two children eat the same category, but only a child vomiting, consideration should be given to two children eating number differences, eating too much can cause indigestion and vomiting can not digest; such as eating a number, can be further consider an allergic reaction, take him to the hospital to be examined. When the baby fell or hit the head after vomiting, should immediately take the baby to check whether there is brain damage. The child diarrhea, do not give children with diarrhea medicine with anti-inflammatory drugs, if only relieve the abdomen, back foot, cold hot compress can take warm etc..相关的主题文章: