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Nanjing was hit by psychological distress was established in Nanjing City psychological crisis intervention center – Sohu news set up urban management law enforcement team psychological crisis intervention center". Yangzi Evening News Network September 26th, early in the suojin Village Street squadron Deputy instructor Ren Keming unfortunately killed before, had been in Nanjing for the establishment of law enforcement team psychological crisis intervention center ", today, the universities, research institutions and other specialist institutions are founded type. With immediate effect, the inspectors have lost, anxiety and so on, can not understand the mood, you can contact the experts face to face psychological intervention. On the other hand, the center also open the door to the law enforcement object, what ideas can talk about. The latest progress in all walks of life come to have condolence over a thousand people, will soon be on the lane fruit car joint law enforcement this afternoon, the Yangtze Evening News reporter arrived at Ren Keming hall again, in front of two inspectors straight guard on duty, or from the window gently spread, sad atmosphere su. The reporter saw, there are constantly Ren Keming’s colleagues, relatives and friends to come, they first set up in front of the door, you already have on a couplet, before entering the hall. Relevant person in charge told reporters in Xuanwu District Urban Management Bureau, as of this afternoon, all the mourners have more than 1000 people, including Nanjing district urban management law enforcement team, and Ren Keming met or not met the public, also has the object of law enforcement in the life of Ren Keming. Currently, Ren Keming’s body has been the funeral home, at the same time, District Urban Management Bureau is also actively declare the honorary title of Ren Keming. The responsible person told the reporter, in any Keming died after the fruit street car Jeeves phenomenon of convergence, but still not disappeared. Recently, urban management departments will jointly public security, traffic police department, the Jeeves fruit car of Nanjing City, concentrated rectification. The establishment of the country’s first center organized experts to resolve the "knot" of urban management vendors to open the door today, "Nanjing city urban management law enforcement team psychological crisis intervention center was formally established. The reporter learned that, in any who unfortunately killed before, Nanjing urban management department has issued "center operation plan" issued by the district. Nanjing municipal law enforcement corps political commissar Zhao Guifei introduction, this mechanism is not the new office or laboratory, but invite experts to psychological problems of dozens of universities and research institutions, to form a "joint meeting". Experts will cooperate with the urban management personnel to develop programs to deal with a variety of front-line law enforcement team encountered a variety of psychological problems. "Management of the psychological energy, in the absence of external psychological energy supplement, but also how long? So I think psychological education is the first important work." Zhang Chun, director of psychological crisis intervention center in Nanjing, said dr.. Relevant person in charge told reporters in Nanjing City Urban Management Bureau, the psychological crisis intervention center, is to appear before the inspectors psychological crisis intervention, as far as possible to avoid mental illness after recovery, counseling. Center by the municipal law enforcement corps led the establishment, now Nanjing city inspectors if they need to corps office appointments, face to face talk with experts. "At the same time center of vendors.相关的主题文章: