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Want to be a romantic lazy gardener? This intelligent "garden" meet you want some land in the reinforced concrete buildings in the city to enjoy the fun, it really is not easy, and can not keep plants than raising cats and dogs to spend less time, except for the most basic water to grow well, also have to consider fertilization ah ah bug… In case of a business trip a few days back down how to do? Oh! Do you think it’s a bit daunting? Don’t be afraid and don’t worry, in this Internet era of intelligence, both want to have an indoor garden and want to be a lazy gardener, so the best thing is not impossible today, "BUY home" will bring you the Grobo indoor garden. The future of the indoor cultivation system of Grobo Grobo is a fully automatic APP control indoor cultivation system, can plant some small plants, flowers and grass ah ah what fruit vegetable even some herbs can be grown, you need to do, is just a seed, and then tell the APP what is the kind of you and it will automatically for you select a suitable training program, is not super worry? On APP, you can clearly understand the plant’s entire growth cycle, it is now the number of plant height? About how long can bear fruit? Can also know whether it is suitable for growing environment, including air temperature and humidity, soil moisture and nutrients and acid-base. Grobo can be so intelligent, of course, because of the internal installation of a variety of sensors, including the accuracy of the water level sensor, measurement of plant height sensors, pH sensors, internal and external temperature and humidity sensors, etc.. In addition to automatic watering, the other is the magic of the Grobo, with 63 LED lights at the top of the cover, we can see a rainbow, it can simulate the scene of sunrise and sunset, ensure your plant can get the most "natural" sun. Speaking of the sun, can not help but think of the sunflower, I do not know how it will grow in the Grobo tangled in the end how to turn it? Well, the brain hole about ~ Grobo return to the point, the door is also very particular, it uses organic electrochromic glass, can be a key to switch the transparent and non transparent mode, which allows you to ornamental plants, but also to ensure the plant growth necessary dark environment. In addition, the body of the Grobo also activated carbon filtration system, you do not worry about the smell of plants will affect the indoor air. In short, by adjusting the watering, lighting and temperature and humidity, Grobo can ensure you plant in the most suitable growth environment, so in addition to cultivated ornamental plants and flowers, you can also try to grow some strawberry tomato ah ah, can taste their personally planted fruit, is also a great pleasure. The power consumption of Grobo per day is about 1.4kWh, which is equivalent to a ceiling fan power consumption, while the refrigerator power consumption per day is about 3kWh. Of course, how can less social function? With APP you can share your nurturing methods with friends and other gardening enthusiasts. Print product parameters: size: 30.5× 30.5× 122cm (internal growth space is about 68.6cm]相关的主题文章: