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Wang Kai admit: split personality and high cold tongue, and Wang Kai Wang Kai to join the amiable and easy of approach Wang Ziwen starring drama "love" if the snail is currently the Oriental TV hit every Monday. Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen in the play since the joy song after successfully transferred to the new CP model, a strong suction powder. In an interview, Wang Kai said, red burst of the year, he had a lot of do not adapt, spent a lot of time to adjust. In the future, he said he would go to the big screen. Talk about personality "lively and high cold have" Guangzhou Daily: you in the previous interpretation of the brothers in the drama, the situation is very feeling, this is the main expression of the friendship between men and women? How do you feel about it? Wang Kai: because every play will have a variety of emotions, I am good at not good at story development and character relationships. This time the feelings of men and women will be very restrained, because there is no passion drama, no benefits to everyone. Guangzhou Daily: very high cold season white tongue, Dr. Zhao is very enthusiastic, your personality? Wang Kai: my personality is a bit of a split. A sudden high cold tongue, love others, of course is to close to the people so as to staff a nickname, I would not be unfamiliar people. In addition, I also have a doctor Zhao that kind of lively feeling. Guangzhou Daily: in the variety show, which also shows a very strong reasoning ability, was friends known as IQ online, in life is not more like this kind of reasoning things? Wang Kai: Yes, I prefer to see the need to use their brains, in the course of reading, with the plot of their own reasoning, to find some clues to the case reasoning again. My most happy thing is that if the results of reasoning and film and television works presented the results are consistent, there will be a sense of accomplishment, feel very powerful. Talk about cooperation "a pull shot, we both play out" Guangzhou Daily: you and Wang Ziwen cooperation is already many times, there’s a spark? Wang Kai: I’ve been familiar with Zi Wen for third times. Very familiar with another advantage is to get started fast. Is this a pull shot, we both play out, a spark is the tacit understanding, do not need to run. Guangzhou Daily: there are a lot of action drama, which you have not before, do you prefer action drama, or fear of action drama? Wang Kai: I’m very contradictory. On the one hand, I love, I love to see some action scenes, exciting fight scenes, so when I was filming, I also thought. But on the other hand, I’m afraid, because the play is my short board. But I still want to try and see if I can break through. This time I have grown up in this area, there is a similar to the same as the action of the same design, shooting very smoothly, I am very satisfied. In fact, I was not confident at the beginning, and later found not so difficult to imagine before, so the more confident the more shoot, the more confident the better the better. Guangzhou Daily: in the future, if someone is looking for you to make action movies, it can be, right? Wang Kai: before there are a lot of drama to find me, I will be the first to deny their own. I said: "I should be fit for this role." Then the other party will say: "you can rest assured that you can." I said, "why do I have.相关的主题文章: