Visit Zhengzhou’s oldest buildings 6 years old 200 years old landlord say goodbye

Visit Zhengzhou’s oldest buildings 6 years old 200 years old landlord say goodbye to the 59 year old Zhang Mingli has a two hundred year old house in the mall site, the house is his grandfather’s father cover, experienced lightning and fire is still standing. These two days, he has been living in the commercial building and he came back here to live down, he said, he wanted to recall the childhood, but also count the old room and the individual, he was afraid, and so on, there is no chance…… "I remember you as a reporter? Can you give me a few photos in the old house yard? I want to leave a thought……" One day in early September, the public Zhang Mingli told the Dahe reporter for help. The 59 year old has fun WeChat old gentleman, called a "wall" of the WeChat name. This wall, refers to Zhengzhou city in the famous mall site walls, and the "root", because the Zhang family courtyard of the southwestern part of the old city walls but the distance of more than and 40 paces. To the South Street School equality intersection, will be able to see the old city appearance: all kinds of shops on both sides of the street, exudes a thick atmosphere of the town; residential building is two or three storey building, highly uneven, black, yellow and red brick walls, with different colors. Walk into the old city, will find the alley, alley here, set flexible, making the Daniel and winding stretch, dense cobweb; gray haired old squinting, sitting in the hospital door basking in the sun, the foot of the nest a lazy cat; school children go on the old city walls or, homework, or playing games; the roof platform, several women sitting together, while Zecai, side of the chat…… The pace of time here seems to have become lighter, the rhythm of people’s life and leisure freedom. The Zhang Mingli homestead is located at four alley, the old man was born in 1957, born and raised in the old house, didn’t leave home until 1976, out to make a living. "Old grandpa compound is built, two hundred years now. When I was young, a gatehouse gate, is in the courtyard, covering about 500 square meters, then north, South and east only house house." Now, after the war, lightning and reconstruction, while still standing in a courtyard, but long gone when. Zhang Mingli pointed to a tree in the courtyard full of pomegranates, said he was most reluctant to give up the tree. "Pomegranate trees and old age, I remember, only the thick tree dbh." Lightning struck collapse half roof of the east room, is currently only the old Zhang family courtyard building. In order to half of East house well preserved, a wall with Zhang Dong Wu One divides into two. people. North East housing is still intact, the dim light of the old furniture indoor cage with a layer of pale color, mottled old wooden doors, paint has come off, can find traces of the old time. Because of disrepair, the house leaks, the house is fixed with an old to have not see the color of the umbrella…… "I have not lived here, there is no relatives here, supposedly placed too much affection for not here, but I heard here to be torn down, still want to come back, for two days, always feel look, regret will be less. The things taken away, must also take; the abandoned, must give up." Zhang Mingli said, now he lives in Mazhai Town, need to pour buses twice to get old.相关的主题文章: