Venture capital investment in the first half of 612 listed companies can not find good assets only s iptd-651

Insurance Firms Investment in the first half of 612 listed companies: to find a good asset stocks only sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Chen Ning with the semi annual disclosure of listed companies, some insurance firms to invest in the capital market of the radical market caused strong concern. Increase the proportion of long-term equity investments, has become the majority of insurance companies break the Bureau asset shortage inevitable move. But part of the listed insurance companies have tasted the bitter fruit of the layout of A shares. Experts advise that the risk should be to prevent the risk of investment prevention and control of the lack of investment ideas and lead to the risk of partial. Half of the investment data of 612 listed companies, the first half of this year, hundreds of insurance companies in A stock market show, invested a total of 612 listed companies, as of the semi annual report, held a total of 72 billion 838 million shares, the stock market value of more than one trillion yuan. Involved in the investment of insurance companies not only China Life Insurance, China Ping An, Xinhua Life Insurance and other large insurance companies, there are Qianhai life insurance, China Life Insurance and other small and medium enterprises. From the point of view of the number of Listed Companies in the investment, China Life Insurance Individual dividend investment of 118, ranking first. Investment of more than 20 companies including: Group 34, Xinhua life insurance dividends Taikang Life individual dividend 32, China life group and general insurance products 31, year 28, Qianhai life Haley Jun Kang life universal insurance 26, Paul win 1 No. 25 Tian An insurance, Taiping Life Insurance Group Red 22, Xinhua Branch 21 personal life bonus. Since last year, Qianhai life insurance, China Life Insurance, Ampang insurance, financial life and other insurance companies were placards A shares over 50 listed companies. Ampang insurance placards has more than and 10 companies, home life insurance placards 12 companies. In addition, the financial life Jupai 5, hundred years of life 2, Guohua life 8, Jun Kang Renshou 7, China Life 11. Many small insurance firms to universal insurance investment funds, such as Qianhai life insurance, life insurance, Taikang Life and other food companies, investment style is more radical. At the end of the first half, Qianhai Insurance Holdings CSG A34.66%, Fude life in the golden group, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, agricultural products 3 companies holding more than 20%. Can not find good investment assets, only A shares A shares in the poor situation, why radical investment of insurance funds? An insurance company official said, in recent years, benefiting from the release of the dividend policy, the insurance industry premium income continued to grow rapidly; but now relatively abundant liquidity of the asset shortage intensifies, long-term capital investment in the end face generally can not find good assets or asset looting embarrassment. Therefore, the increase in the category of fixed income nature of long-term equity investments accounted for most of the insurance companies to break up the shortage of assets, to achieve the cost of covering the cost of capital and access to absolute income. Among them, some insurance companies to configure the high value of the counter cyclical dividend shares, that is, the insurance funds in the stock price to buy high-quality stocks and low dividend holders for a long time, in the investment to give full play to the long-term advantage. In addition to the enjoyment of the stock price increases brought about by capital appreciation, only dividend yield can be more than 5%, to ensure a healthy return. For example, before the insurance funds to buy more theory相关的主题文章: