Us trying to take advantage of free frozen sperm and egg to boost

Us trying to take advantage of free frozen sperm and egg to boost morale [global network reporter Nie Lubin reported] how to share the expedition soldier is becoming a breakthrough to enhance military menace from the rear of the military appeal. The "New York Times" in February 4th reported that U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton? Carter thought he had found the help boost the morale of the The Pentagon recipe — frozen sperm and eggs. In order to make the service more attractive, not the loss of family life, in other programs, Carter proposed a pilot project for free soldiers frozen germ cells. The purpose of this is to let the soldiers feel at ease. If they are wounded on the battlefield, hundreds of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan war damage to reproductive organs — they will still be able to procreate. The twenty or thirty year old also want to encourage women to stay in the army, because many women will retire at this age after childbirth. If you help them frozen eggs, they have flexibility, can continue to deploy overseas, or otherwise the development of the cause, time delayed childbearing. It is understood that the proportion of women in military service after 10 years — what Carter called "a peak" — in the army 30% less than men. Advocates of reproductive rights, scanty frozen eggs and sperm welfare enterprises, so the proposal will be put forward to the issue of the The Pentagon. Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies have started to offer free frozen eggs welfare help companies recruit top female talent, the per capita investment sometimes more than $10 thousand. However, the U.S. Department of defense has brought great benefits for young soldiers also caused some legal and ethical problems. "The egg and sperm, cryopreservation with chicken dinner is not the same," Arthur, Professor of bioethics at New York University Langone Medical Center (Arthur Caplan) said Kaplan?. "If you die, what kind of things — your wife can use it? If you want your wife and mother son, do not want to, whether this means you can find a surrogate for these sperm? If you have cognitive impairment, the sperm can be used? If you save your sperm or egg company went bankrupt, what will happen?" Dr. Kaplan explained that the frozen eggs practice in the past five years have become more common, and it may be more trouble than frozen sperm. The latter has lasted for several decades. He said that The Pentagon should inform the soldiers, egg freezing success rate is not one hundred percent, and is likely to cause complications. A Pentagon spokesman declined to respond to these legal and ethical issues. He said that the details are being worked out. The Defense Department plans to sort out the main points of the project in the next few weeks, listed in the Carter memorandum. Two years later, the project will be re evaluated, may become a permanent project. The Pentagon estimates that the plan could cost $150 million in five years. It will provide this service through the army health care plan Tricare. Editor: Chen Yan SN225

美军欲借免费冷冻精子卵子提振军心   【环球网报道 记者 聂鲁彬】如何为远征士兵分担后顾之忧正成为美军提升军队吸引力的突破口。美国《纽约时报》2月4日报道称,美国国防部长阿什顿?卡特认为自己找到了帮助五角大楼提振军心的良方——冷冻精子和卵子。   为了让服兵役更有吸引力、不丧失家庭生活,在其他计划之外,卡特提出了免费帮军人冷冻生殖细胞的试点项目。这样做的目的是让军人感到安心。如果他们在战场上负了伤——数以百计的官兵在伊拉克和阿富汗参战时生殖器官受损——他们仍然能够生育后代。   该方案也希望鼓励二三十岁的女性留在军中,因为很多女性会在这个年龄段生完孩子后退役。如果帮她们冷冻了卵子,她们就有了灵活性,可以继续部署在海外,或者以其他方式发展事业,推迟生育时间。   据了解,女性在服兵役10年后——也就是卡特所说的“成家高峰期”——留在军中的比例比男性低30%。   倡导生育权的人士表示,提供冷冻卵子和精子福利的企业寥寥无几,所以该提议将把五角大楼推向这个议题的前沿。“脸谱网”等硅谷公司已经开始提供免费冷冻卵子的福利帮助公司招募顶尖的女性人才,这方面人均投入有时超过1万美元。   不过,美国国防部的这个方案为年轻士兵带来巨大福利的同时也引发了一些法律和伦理上的问题。“冷冻精子、卵子和冷冻晚饭要用的鸡肉不一样,”纽约大学兰贡医学中心的生物伦理学教授阿瑟?卡普兰(Arthur Caplan)说。“万一你死了,事情会什么样——你妻子可以使用它吗?如果你妈妈想要孙子,而你妻子不愿意,这是否意味着可以为这些精子寻找代孕?如果你出现了认知障碍,这些精子可以使用吗?如果保存你的精子或卵子的公司破产了,又会怎么样?”   卡普兰博士解释,冷冻卵子的做法在过去五年里才变得比较普遍,而且它可能比冷冻精子更加麻烦。后一种做法已经持续了好几十年。他说,五角大楼应告知军人,卵子冷冻的成功率并不是百分之百,而且可能会引起并发症。   五角大楼一名发言人拒绝就这些法律和伦理问题做出回应。他说,相关细节正在拟定之中。国防部计划在未来几周内整理出该项目的要点,列在卡特的备忘录中。两年后,该项目将进行重新评估,有可能变成永久项目。   五角大楼估计,这项计划可能在五年内耗资1.5亿美元。它将通过军队医疗保健计划Tricare提供这项服务。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: