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Investing The highest mortgage debt postcode recorded is SW11 6. This postcode is recorded in Wand worth, South London. It is said that in Wand worth, South London the households which were recorded at the end of June were a collective amount of 649m. The second highest mortgage debt postcode recorded is E14 9. This second high postcode is recorded in different parts of Tower Hamlets which includes Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs. However The Guardian says In the London borough of Kingston upon Thames a total mortgage debt amount was recorded. The amount shows that in Bristol postcode area the total mortgage debt is 16 bn whereas the borrowing adds up to 14bn in Bristol postcode area. While the amount which is recorded in Harrow, North London is 1bn which shows add up in borrowing rate. A unsecured lending data is recorded, which shows that the postcode in Leeds has the most personal loans per person. The rate of borrowing owed under the postcode LS17 0 is 1516 pounds each. On the second number the postcode in the parts of Leeds including East Keswick and Moor town has the most personal loans per person. The rate of borrowing owed under the postcode M3 3 is recorded as 2.1 M whereas the borrowers owe an average rate of 1408 each person. The data got from the Council of Mortgage Lenders and British Bankers Association (BBA) shows the lowest volume of outstanding mortgage debt. In the north-east of England the lowest volume of outstanding mortgage debt is recorded, whereas borrowers in the north east of England owes a collective 26bn, which is followed by Wales where 28bn worth of mortgages are outstanding. It is recorded that the postcodes only get high mortgage debts when the house prices get high and people have large volume of properties. Out of the total 10,834 postcodes there were only 1,770 postcodes which showed that no one lived, and some where the sample was so small that lenders cannot release data without .promising customers’ privacy. The BBA recorded figures for business lending which shows that the postcode level goes down. The figures showed that SME businesses outside London received a larger proportion of lending than their share of SME turnover, the north-west receiving 11% SME turnover, the south-west and West Midlands each received 7% of SME turnover and borrowed 11% and 9% respectively. property investment .panies UK based in London accounted for 29% of turnover and held 21% of borrowing. BBA figures showed that the average house price in London was 437,000 in October. The weakest growth was recorded in Yorkshire and the Humber. Only in London, the south-east and the east of England are prices higher than they were in 2008, before the financial crisis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: