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Up five times a week! Zheng Shang three raised the cost of hot coal power column hot stream of thousands of shares of the stock of the latest diagnosis of the latest rating simulation trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! The price of coal futures and spot prices soar, regulators once again resorted to the control of the hand. ZCE today announced that since October 31, 2016 the late night trading time, coal varieties days this warehouse flat transaction fee standard is adjusted to 24 yuan, this warehouse transaction fee standard flat days remain unchanged. This is the third week of Zheng Shang raised the price of power coal trading fees. 24, ZCE announced on the same night when trading, coal varieties transaction fee standard from 4 yuan to 6 yuan adjustment hand in hand; 26, power coal days flat up this warehouse transaction fees to 12 yuan, non day transaction fees to maintain this level positions in the hands of 6 yuan. According to this calculation, the opening day of the handling of the transaction fee has risen 5 times. The futures and spot prices soar to capacity in the coal industry at the same time, also led to local supply issues. Whether the futures or spot market, coal prices have recently as a runaway horse. Futures, as of Monday’s close, the main contract coal power 1701 rose by 1.42% to $629.2 tons. 26, the price of steam coal hit a new high of $662 tons. The spot market price is almost equal to 700 yuan per ton. According to the Chinese Coal Transportation Association data, as of October 30th, Qinhuangdao port 5500 kcal steam coal sulfur liquidation prices rose to 660-670 yuan per ton, the highest level since July 2012. As of October 26th, known as the "coal price leader said the Bohai thermal coal price index (BSPI) at 593 yuan per ton, the chain has been rising for 17 weeks, once again set a record year, an increase of 54%. 24 port specifications varieties rose across the board. Advanced production release failed to ease the rally to curb irrational rise in coal prices, the national development and Reform Commission issued a series of measures from the beginning in early September, but there was no significant effect. With the practice at the end of coal negotiations approaching, development and Reform Commission is the two meeting held last week in gas emergency meeting. According to the NDRC news in the 25 interface, meeting the requirements of the advanced productivity of mine has been approved by the release to production as soon as possible; do not want prices continue to rise, the price to stabilize in appropriate security for the release of production conditions; encourage coal enterprises signed a long-term contract with the user next year the amount of a price. 27 meeting to accelerate the study of coal in the long-term contract signing. Reuters on Monday, the 27 meeting of the details of the report, said the NDRC asked China Shenhua and other major suppliers in the supply contract in 2017 will be at the current price or lower level. According to Reuters estimates, the NDRC asked the price equivalent to 660 yuan per ton, 5500 kcal coal on 500相关的主题文章: