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U.S. presidential election: "cheating system" on behalf of "mutual tear" – International – people.com.cn Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently in Washington in October 6 U.S. vice presidential debate, moderator so sharp questions: why 60% voters distrust Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Why do 67% of voters think it’s risky to elect Republican presidential candidate Trump? In this regard, Hilary and Trump’s running mate did not answer directly. Under the rules of the game, they chose "black light" — to cover its own shadow, suddenly dig the other foot pain, accuse each other of "shame" word. The media generally believe in each other in negative campaign, the two sides in similar position. One can’t make bricks without straw. The main "disgrace" lured the negative campaign, need to Everfount "black materials" food supply. Oddly, the U.S. presidential election this year, a month or even every week Yu the students broke the news, the campaign into the studio slobber flying TV soap opera, so serious policy issues out of focus. However, despite the new campaign story often makes world surprises, but also only surprise, no surprise. Each tear personality doomed campaign, no matter who the White House, is not an exciting election. In the Hilary side, private mail server processing confidential business door, lead to the U.S. Embassy in Libya. The Benghazi incident, in Wall Street, and deep connections to astronomical speech primaries of the Democratic National Committee, favoring the Clinton foundation and the "foreign donations, has refused to pass the labyrinth" public health information…… What number to the number is mainly on these, just like the appendix, cut is not clean and agile, people get bored of procrastination toss and boring. Seeing from the November 8th general election only a month, Hilary in order to improve the integrity of the image is still lackluster. In contrast, Trump’s "material" is more fresh. In the past week, he traced the drilling of tax loopholes, reporting more than $900 million in annual losses to tax for 18 years, the Trump foundation has been found to charity according to the laws of the state of New York for years to raise donations of more than $25 thousand registered, thus avoiding audit supervision. Previously, due in 2013 to support the Florida state attorney general Pam? Bondi political groups illegal donations, the Trump foundation has been subject to heavy penalties. Bondi was considering investigating the fraud allegations of the University of Trump, decided not to file after the donation of the Trump foundation. Bondi and Trump Du denied the donation and investigation, but the time point so well, a lot of people refused to believe that American eat melon is not tricky behind. From the announcement of the presidential election, Trump posing as the "Washington outsiders", repeatedly accused party rivals and Hilary is a veteran politician, the superior establishment, the American electoral politics "cheating" system for interests. After he became a Republican presidential candidate, the first general election he put on the attack, said: "in Hilary, the United States of America, the system has been continued to cheat in order to deal with the American people."." On the other hand, when Trump’s real estate tycoon’s tax scandal came to light, Mr Hilary called for legislation to require a presidential candidate to publish a tax bill. Sheila)相关的主题文章: