United States more than 80% merchants accepting UnionPay credit card footman

More than 80% of U.S. businesses accept UnionPay credit card – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 1 (reporter Liu Changzhong) reporter learned from the September 1st China cup, almost all American ATM can now take UnionPay card, more than 80% businesses can brush UnionPay credit card. According to Chinese UnionPay official, in New York, Hawaii, San Francisco, Losangeles, Orlando and Chicago tourists hant, UnionPay well-known shopping center and outlets, business card acceptance coverage rate has exceeded 90%. Since 2010, the number of Chinese tourists visiting the United States record highs, in 2011 for the first time exceeded one million, by the year 2015 has grown to nearly 2 million 600 thousand people, these tourists to leisure tourism. This year coincided with the China tourism year, in addition to the United States for 10 years to implement multiple visa policy, Chinese expects the number of visitors to the United States nearly 3 million people. In the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival and "eleven" small holiday, the United States is also favored long-term destination. Accept UnionPay card businesses throughout the United States, covering shopping malls, chain stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.. Cardholders use UnionPay credit card in the United States do not need to enter a password, just signature verification, but also can be used in the Chinese UnionPay debit card with a password keyboard merchant payment. The territory of the vast majority of national and regional banks, UnionPay credit cards are a few banks support exemption password, the cardholder can cancel the transaction password before starting to contact the issuing bank. In the United States has been implemented based on the widely accepted UnionPay card, since last year, the International Union in the main local tourist attractions, shopping malls and other places, and strive to build 30 core accepted values, enhance UnionPay card acceptance coverage, and provide the UnionPay card exclusive offers and services. These values include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Hawaii Kalakaua avenue. (end)相关的主题文章: