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"Underground Book Combat" controversial people questioned the hype, the show – Beijing "Lost Book War", "some books lost" on the metro line 14. This version of the picture book lost network screenshot action, clip in the book to note. A campaign called the big battle to throw the book, causing controversy. On the morning of 15, a number of public media through its WeChat news release, since the morning of the 8, the ten thousand book, put in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the subway car, and "pick up" these books to passengers, can be taken to read, and continuous transfer. With the participation of a number of stars, the big battle lost the book in the harvest of attention, but also sparked controversy. Yesterday, the media founder Zhang Wei in response to the new Beijing newspaper, denied the marketing activities, and that "to avoid the peak time and peak subway, subway station" also confirmed that the activities carried out in the non peak hours. "The lost book action stars to participate in the event." in fact, "underground book operation" harvest of the attention, blessings and stars are inseparable. 15 am, a media release in its WeChat public number, said the article will start at 15 am on the morning of, including the North Canton, including the first tier cities in the subway, put in the book of ten thousand. Any passengers in the discovery of the books were put on, can be taken away for reading, and will be in the city of long-term transmission. Beijing News reporter noted that in the morning, including Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, including a number of performing arts star simultaneously published micro-blog, the statement added to the action. In Huang Xiaoming’s personal micro-blog, it released a video. In the picture, Huang Xiaoming dressed up as a sport, lost a book on the subway seat, and then left the car. This subway lost book battle, and soon sparked controversy on the network. Some netizens believe that the purpose of the campaign is to promote reading, while the star to throw books, but also to take into account the star effect, can cause more attention and participation. More users questioned. Beijing News reporter noted that in micro-blog, many netizens alleged activities in the form of greater significance, and stars to join, making it more like a show". Some netizens said that from the domestic subway operating environment, the peak period, and no one will pay attention to the collection, in addition, to participate in the activities of the book is in line with the reader’s interest in reading, it is impossible to know. Visit people questioned the results of the activities of the media from the article said that the event will continue. This big battle lost book, the actual effect of what? Yesterday morning, the Beijing News reporter in one participant activities, the Beijing metro line 14 visited. 10 in the morning, the Beijing News reporter visited the metro line 14 station, Jintai Road and other 6 sites, including duty station, subway staff were more than, have heard of the "underground Book War", but the situation is not clear. Station a staff member explained that during the period of "lost book", the star staggered subway peak, leaving the book on the subway seat, did not affect the normal operation of the subway. Jun相关的主题文章: