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Uncovering the price variety behind the gold master: four milk prices a year 15 billion 300 million advertising burning hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client four milk prices a year 15 billion 300 million ratings decline "nouveau riche" burn money can continue? "Please come just a few days, tens of millions is not a dream", as the industry in recent years the "spectacle", a variety show as film and TV stars as "easy money artifact". Pay for the price of variety for FMCG companies, of which four milk prices as the representative of the listed companies become the gold behind the main variety. When advertising investment exceeds net profit, will they continue to pay for the decline in ratings? The chaos of the variety show will face reshuffle? Exaggerated when the country has as much as more than and 400 stalls variety show to broadcast on the star within a year." Li Zeqing, a senior entertainment marketing expert for every film and television reporter, said the ratings will mean the ability to cash, advertisers tend to pay for the high ratings variety show". Zhejiang satellite TV in the first quarter, China good voice, for example, micro-blog comments and forwarding up to 1 billion 200 million times, the network hits over 1 billion 300 million passengers. Each average rating was 4.032%, the highest single period exceeded 6%, hit the first provincial satellite tv. Go behind the high ratings, the program naming fees have gone up, from the first quarter of the 60 million quarter of 200 million yuan up to second yuan. After each television reporter combing found that when people in the price paid at the same time the star variety lamented the naming right price is also staggering. According to the "2015 Tencent entertainment" the white paper statistics, the same year the ratings top five shows were "run 2" brothers "The Voice of China 4" "I am a singer 3", which "run 2" brothers "" "Daddy where the 3 brothers run it 3" title of charges in the total amount of up to nearly 900 million yuan. The importance of cost in naming a show, music is the media research and Consulting Director Peng Kanzai accept after each television interview with reporters bluntly, the title is the most important source of special income for variety shows, most can be accounted for more than 3/4 of the proportion of production costs. "The most important of all advertising revenue is the title sponsor, before there is a law is the title sponsor of the investment will be able to cover the cost of production". As the program title of the nouveau riche "regulars" — the four largest listed dairy enterprises, people in advertising. According to its 2015 annual report data, the four major milk prices listed in the same year advertising and promotional expenses totaling $15 billion 359 million, the highest in history. Peng McCain seems to pay for the price paid star variety is the title of a variety show in the enterprise, and advertising integration has the advantage of it is richly endowed by nature, this advantage makes the advertisers are willing to splurge. Advertisers may move frequently hundreds of millions of dollars in naming variety, rooted in the title after fame and fortune. According to public information, in 2005 to spend 14 million yuan MengNiu yoghourt named "Super Girls" after the broadcast, an additional about 80000000 yuan for the production of a "Super Girls" element of the product packaging, roadshow and advertising, then nearly billion on相关的主题文章: