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Ultra realistic! "Hey Li Xiaoran," children for urban female voice – Entertainment Sohu Li Xiaoran stills "Hey, kids" Li Xiaoran Sohu entertainment news recently, starring Li Xiaoran, Jiang Wenli, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, et al. The drama "Hey kid" is Zhejiang TV hit. The focus of urban men and women children, about three Fang couple because of a series of stories of children. Li Xiaoran played Jia Yuanyuan, career, marriage is very smooth, but because of the child to make her life has undergone tremendous changes. Li Xiaoran’s role is very realistic, can be described as the epitome of urban women. In the play, Li Xiaoran played a lot of problems faced by Jia Yuanyuan, these problems are also the problem of modern urban career women can not be avoided. Previously, she had fallen into a Oolong bosom, during this period, the position was the top, the salary is down, so the experience caused a lot of audience resonance. After the The case is entirely cleared. between her and home for the elderly, and her husband happy, also no longer as before, but add a lot of contradictions, even in the new drama, originally affectionate couple Fang Yuan was helpless to the point of divorce, shocked many viewers. Compared with the loss of independence of the party and the rhyme DINK direction, Li Xiaoran’s role is more close to the modern city occupation of women’s life, she faced the competition, work pressure and mortgage elderly family birth and other issues, are living in a lot of people will face problems. The personality is stronger, the cause of great importance to Jia Yuanyuan, has become a representative of some people, she said: I will not give up my career for anyone, anything." It is out of the hearts of countless people. Next, Jia Yuanyuan, who has been divorced, will face new challenges and problems, and her new life will show the same social reality.相关的主题文章: