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U.S. media: Hilary on the front of the car off the 1 shoe on the roadside to faint – Sohu news [global network reported] US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton (Hillary Clinton) in a weak poll lead into the final two months of the U.S. presidential election, difficult to deal with around her health and her criticism of Donald Trump? (Donald Trump) two supporters of the dispute. British Financial Times Chinese network reported on September 12th, Hilary’s campaign team said Sunday, the former Secretary of state in the sense of "hot", upset left a commemorative 15 anniversary of the New York terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 activities. Fawkes (News) quoted an unnamed law enforcement agencies as saying that while waiting for her team, the "stumbling on the side of the road, as if fainted in the past," Fox". Fawkes News reported that the Democratic candidate was put into the vehicle, which lost a shoe, an assistant to retrieve the shoes. The car to the 68 year old Hilary sent to her daughter, (Chelsea) in the vicinity of the apartment. Campaign spokesman Nick Meryl? (Nick Merrill) said later in the apartment, Hilary feel a lot better". Shortly before noon, Hilary appeared on television, in the case of no one helped out of the apartment building. "I feel great, it’s a nice day in New York," said Hilary as he appeared on the sidewalk. She smiled and waved to the passers-by, then got on the bus. Reported that the episode occurred a few weeks ago, the Republican party claimed that Hilary cough repeatedly proved that she did not disclose the health problems. Hilary said, due to seasonal allergic cough, but according to the Russian satellite network on September 12th, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s personal doctor in mourning? "9? 11" terrorist attack victims before the ceremony, Hilary diagnosed with pneumonia. Reported that the impact of the matter, at least temporarily exceeded Hilary’s remarks on a fund-raising event last week. When she said that Trump’s "half" belongs to a group of supporters with a scumbag ", racism, homophobia and Islamophobia tendency. Hilary quickly apologized for his "half" language, but she again condemned the extremism of Republican rival Trump.相关的主题文章: