Typhoon Aere by Guangdong local wind and rain started typhoon in response to the new network – IV gr-winavi video converter

Typhoon "Aere" by Guangdong local wind and rain started typhoon response grade – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Guangzhou on October 9th news (reporter Zhou Yu) according to the China voice of "news" reports, according to the Guangdong provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters news around the nineteenth typhoon "Ai" is now approaching Guangdong. Guangdong has launched the anti typhoon emergency response grade. Typhoon warning information release 5 points according to the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau this morning, at 2 in the morning, the center position of Typhoon "Aere" in Guangdong, Southeast of Shanwei, Eastern South China Sea about 210 km, near the center of the largest wind 10, the wind speed of 25 meters per second, minimum central pressure of 988 kPa, 6 the wind radius of 300 km range. According to weather forecasters, "Aere" in the future within 24 hours in the northeastern South China Sea sea hovering less, little change in strength. Although the "Ai Li" has not landed, but the Guangdong part of the affected area has been blowing wind, influenced by "Ai Li" and the cold air, near Guangdong near Shantou sea and Shanwei sea in northeast wind 7 to level 9, 10 gust, the Pearl River estuary waters east wind 6 to 7 levels, a gust of wind 8, Jieyang, Chaozhou and Shantou today, Shanwei city has the heavy rain to heavy rain, the Guangdong provincial flood control headquarters has started 4 emergency response, Hainan Island East, fishing all Edom, and the Pearl River estuary waters west of the Leizhou Peninsula back to harbor all raft workers all ashore hedge. Major meteorological disaster emergency office of Guangdong Province, No. 17, 16 has been upgraded to 4 typhoon meteorological disaster emergency response emergency response for the 3, the meteorological department warned that in attracting the typhoon "Aere", the cold air from the range is very deep, will direct the coast of Guangdong and Guangzhou will have a cooling process and you have to pay more attention to the change of the weather, and heavy rainfall caused by reduced visibility and the ground slippery degree caused by the adverse effects of transport.相关的主题文章: