Two police repeatedly disguised as a couple to perform tasks in a false thing becomes

Two police repeatedly disguised as a couple to perform tasks together in a false thing becomes true original title: two Henan police together – interview with a false thing becomes true characters: Willow, Leakey wins, Hebi city of Henan Province Public Security Bureau special police detachment commandos, gunmen. – interview background: since late September, Henan Hebi City, a couple of SWAT wedding disseminated on the Internet: the bride and groom dressed in police uniforms, solemn expression, sharp eyes, with the length of guns, climbing rope flowers, deduce the jagged tenderness, tough temperament ready. Netizens praised the two special police, refer to this wedding is so cool!" This is the rhythm of fire". Last night, the China Daily reporter telephone interview with the couple for the reader to uncover their legendary story. Special police service, take the gun to shoot the wedding as more professional sense of belonging to the China Daily: two police officers are good, you are graduating from the police academy? Could you give me a brief introduction of your personal situation? Yang: I’m from Henan Anyang, 90, University graduated from Anyang Normal University, after graduation exam, police officers and men, after two years of training in Henan Police Academy. Li Jisheng: I was born in Henan in, graduated from Henan Police Academy in 1989. China Daily: SWAT in the eyes of many people are both mysterious and air, how do you like this occupation? Win: 2011, after the police exam, I was in the Swat detachment. After a year of learning, training, a group of people turned to the police station, the criminal police team, a number of police officers who are suitable to do to stay down, I was one of them. Willow: my first as a clerk in the office in 2014 turned detachment, special police, a gunman. China Daily: how do you do? Who is more powerful? If you meet a bad person, one on one fight is no problem, right? Li Jisheng: (laughs) in terms of physical fitness and endurance, men are better than women. Our specialty is not physical, skills training and training, I mainly marksmanship willow. Of course, we all have received specialized training, physical fitness, martial skill certainly much better than ordinary people, so one of the fighting is no problem. China Daily: are you gunmen? Your gun is very terrible? Willow: my aim is OK, Leakey than I win. Leakey wins: every year, the Public Security Bureau of Henan province will be held in the province’s Swat contest system, we have obtained fourth commando groups in marksmanship competitions, I personally awarded over three. China Daily: have you ever thought you would become a celebrity overnight? Li Jisheng: never thought. The wedding after a good shot, willow in the WeChat circle of friends made a few friends, was a reporter saw, he felt very beautiful, very characteristic, it is sent to the social networking site, did not expect to lead to such a big concern. China Daily: wearing a beautiful wedding dress is the pursuit and dream of a lot of girls, why do you (will) be able to sprout to swat uniforms, guns, armored vehicles for the background of the wedding photo shoot? Willow: we are in the camp in the acquaintance, friend, love, wedding must reflect the characteristics of police, SWAT team will have 7相关的主题文章: